Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Ready For Fall! ..."Raking Leaves" New Pattern Design

Fall is almost here ladies!  I always seem to get in the mood for fall in late July.  That's especially true this year because of the summer heat.  Stitching something fall related always makes me happy this time of year.

The brand new pattern is called "Raking Leaves" 

This measures 11" x 33" long.
It's shown made with 100% wool but to save on expense, wool felt can easily be substituted for any or all of the 100% wool requirements

The rake tines are bent at the tips and I bet you're wondering how that is done .... 
You know those trash/baggie wire ties that seem to grow in your kitchen draw?  Welp,this will help to get rid of some of them!  The wire ties are inserted into each tine.  They are just the perfect weight to hold the tines straight and give the tine tips a perfect bend.
The pattern includes a special layout template which will help to place each tine into the exact position.  And as always,  there's a pattern layout guide sheet which shows exact placement for the pattern pieces and embroidered stitches.

The new pattern price is $8.00, and as always, is a bit discounted (until Thursday evening 8/23/12).
That price includes the shipping for US & Canda.  International customers will be billed an additional shipping cost, usually about $1 more.  To purchase, just click on the "buy now" button over there on the left column of this page.
If you wish to pay by personal check instead of credit card, just email me and I'll send you my mailing address.

The special hand-dyed wool is available for the leaves.  That can be found by clicking to my website
Wool Kits will also soon be available for this.  It will hopefully be available by this Friday (8/24/12)
If interested, just email me to reserve a kit.

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Thank you ladies!
Happy Day!