Monday, February 22, 2016

New Pattern! "Geranium Beauty"!

 The new design is called "Geranium Beauty"
Cath's Pennies Designs "Geranium Beauty" Wool Applique Candle Mat Pattern
The pattern and wool kit is available on my website,  CLICK HERE 

I often get emails with suggestions for designs.  I recently had a regular customer email to ask me for a design with Geraniums.  I love geraniums!
I started thinking seriously of what I could do and then I remembered that many years ago, I made a geranium candle mat and sold it as a finished design.
So I went on a search through all of my old sketchbooks to try to find it.
Unfortunately, back in the time before I sold my designs as patterns, I wouldn't save the design.  I never enjoyed remaking more than a few of the same thing...always preferring to try something new. so I never bothered saving anything other than the original sketches of it.  So, the only thing I found of my previous geranium design was a rough sketch.
The other problem is that most times, my finished version of it turns out nothing at all like the sketch!
I love to design and cut as I stitch, just making it up as I go.  That's pretty much what I did with this geranium design.

I had to start fresh with the design.  Thanks to my blogging back then, I did find some pictures ...
Here is one of the finished candle mats that I made and sold back in 2009.  This version was made with a cream colored background instead of the black.  I did my best to duplicate the design. 
 I like both the cream colored background and the black background but chose the black background for the pattern picture.
My favorite geranium color is the red but I'm going to make it with shades of pink too.

This candle mat looks difficult to make but it's actually super easy.  There are approximately 50 little flowers that make up each one of the geraniums.  That's a lot of cutting!  The good thing though is that those little flowers don't have to be cut perfectly.  They just need the basic shape. They are folded and then attached and because they're so close to each other, the shape doesn't show.  The pattern instructions include a step-by-step tutorial which shows exactly how to stitch those little flowers on.
So pretty and it's really fun to make!
Here's a side view of the flower details.  There are two different shades of red used in the flowers to give them even more definition.
Buy the Pattern on my website CLICK HERE 
The wool kit which includes the pattern and all of the 100% felted wool (NOT wool felt) needed to complete the candle mat can by found by CLICKING HERE

Thank you for reading !  Happy Day!