Tuesday, July 5, 2011

“Those Blasted Crows!” NEW PATTERN!

Did you know that crows are considered one of the smartest birds?
This new pattern is to honor those smart, but obnoxiously annoying birds. 
There must be something to like about crows … I just haven’t figured it out other than to make them somewhat cute on a candle mat design!
crowslrg The finished size of this candle mat is 14” round.  The picture shows it made with 100% wool but woolfelt can easily be substituted for any or all of the wool requirements to help save on expense. 
The special new release price for this pattern is $8.00 which includes shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada.  It will be $.75 more for all other international orders.  (i’ntl customers email me before paying please)  The pattern price will go up to the regular selling price of $9.50 on Thursday, so order now to save $$.

An instant downloadable E-Pattern is available for this design.   The price for the E-Pattern is $5.00. The E-pattern can be downloaded at Pattern Mart or at  The Pattern Cupboard 

If you wish to pay by check instead of Paypal, just email me
cathspennies@gmail.com  and I’ll send you my mailing address info.
I have wool kits available to go along with the pattern too.
The price is $38.00 including the shipping cost and the pattern.
That price includes all the washed and felted wool fabric* needed to make this.
(100% wool …no woolfelt)
*my own hand-dyed green background, orange & gold wools. The wool for the crows is a speckled black wool.
If interested in the wool kits, just email me cathspennies@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invoice for payment.

Happy Day everyone!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Those Annoying Crows!

 EDIT 4/29/16  I've changed my mind about crows.  They are amazing intellegent creatures!
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Somewhere, in a previous post, I made mention of how much I dislike crows.
Real crows are annoying, obnoxious, loud and GIANT PESTS.  If you’ve ever had crows nesting in trees close to your house, you will understand completely.
I know they’re popular in primitive decorating so managing my distaste for them, I have included crows in some of my designs.
However, I have always said that the crows that I draw for designs will always be nasty and realistically crow-like.  I’ve refused to make them adorable and cute …..
Gosh ….  until now!  
Crow My newest design doesn’t have a name yet…. I really want to name it
“DaMn Crows” but that really wouldn’t be appropriate, I guess.
We’ve been fortunate the last  year or so to NOT have nesting crows on our property.  Sure, I can hear them once in a while, cawing and being obnoxious, but they’re not waking me in the morning.
That’s probably the main reason why I’m so willing to make some cute crows.  But I think I jinxed myself because wouldn’t you know it …
I was just finishing up some of the very last stitches on this yesterday morning when I went to the front door, opened it to let in fresh air, only to see TWO &!!# CROWS out in the driveway!

And since I mentioned finishing up the last stitches on this … does this always happen to you too ?…
CIMG0463 This seems to happen to me every time … I get THIS^^ close to finishing and run out of thread!

Anyway, the new crow design pattern should be ready to sell on Monday.  I still have to think of a name for it …. leaving curse words out!

Happy Day everyone!