Monday, May 23, 2011

Decorating With Stink Bug Traps

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For those of us who have had to deal with the massive invasion of stink bugs, this post will give you HOPE!
The invasion is extremely bad in our area of Western Pa but I’ve heard it’s just as bad in our neighboring states too.
Because it’s such massive problem and hiring exterminators is a waste of money, there are some people that are coming up with their own solutions to catching/trapping them. 
Our local news station interviewed someone that has devised a trap that is inexpensive and easy to make using an empty Pepsi bottle, a light, some electrical tape and some masking tape. 
(I’ll show the video for how to make it at the bottom of this post)
CIMG0348 You can see, it’s not pretty, but after using it last night for the first time, IT WORKS!
Almost right away, hidden stink bugs came out and fell into the trap.
I’m going to make a dozen of these and put them all around our house!
The only problem is … this trap, as you can see, is quite unsightly.
That’s why I’m creating, to go along with this blessed stink bug trap…

The “Apple Blossoms” Penny Rug Stink Bug Mat!

 CIMG0349 Look how beautiful those stink bugs look right there in the center of my dining room table!  Much like watching fish swim in a tank, watching stink bugs circle round and round trying to find a way out is a fascinating pastime and now, with the stink bug mat, it can look pretty too.
I think I’m going to paint some apple blossoms onto the plastic so that it will match the mat.  Use some imagination to custom create a beautiful painting on your trap!
Order your pattern to make this Apple Blossoms Penny Rug Stink Bug Mat today!  Just click on the Paypal button over there on the left to purchase!
But that’s not all!
Let’s celebrate the Fourth of July with your captured stink bugs!

“American Stars” Penny Rug Stink Bug Mat!

CIMG0350 I ask you…What could possibly be a better way than this “American Stars” stink bug mat, to display your captured stink bugs on the Fourth of July ?
I think for this plastic trap, I will paint some red, white and blue stars on it!

But really, there’s MORE!….
Introducing, my favorite Penny Rug Stink Bug Mat……

“Witchy Things!” Penny Rug Stink Bug Mat!

CIMG0351 I’m telling you ladies, it just doesn’t get any creepier than this darling Witchy Things mat with a container trap full of live, crawling stink bugs! 
Right before your big Halloween party, smash a few of the stink bugs to create a good stink bug odor and your halloween decor will be the talk around the water cooler the next day!
No need to paint the outside of the trap at all.  Let the stink bugs be the main entertainment of this gloriously creepy display!
And now, for those of you who wish to make this Stink Bug Trap, here is the video that will show you how! 
(it really works so if you have stink bugs make two or fifty of these for your home)

Happy Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Cathy!! Where's my plug telling everyone I tld YOU about it?
I'm glad your trap is working, because mine stinks!....I mean mine doesn't work. The only bugs in the trap are the ones I caught and threw in there. Guess i have to make my trap prettier.

casserole carol

Anna said...

You have made my day! If I can start the day with a belly laugh and pee my pants...that is going to be a great day!

diamondc said...

I found your site by accident and am very happy I did you just crack me up, I needed a good giggle, how wonderful to be so creative even making a stink bug catcher, I love your patterns and will have to spend a little money to make my week-end a happier one.
Thank-you for such beautiful patterns.