Friday, May 6, 2011

Butterflies & Flowers and Broken Garden Tractors

Many thanks to those of you who ordered my newest pattern,

“Americana Stars”.  Those of you who ordered, your patterns and kits were mailed out today. 

Those of you who wish to order “Americana Stars” have until Sunday evening to get it at the special $7.50 price.


So, in other news, it’s been raining so much around these western Pa parts, that it’s been impossible to get outside to do any kind of yard work.  I know the whole “April showers bring May flowers” thing, but gosh, it’s been raining so much that I can’t even get outside to mow the grass or pull the weeds that grow all around the flowers.

Yesterday was finally a decent day so some grass was cut …. until the tractor died.  I mean it REALLY died.  Never to start again, or at least until hubby pulls the motor to fix whatever it is that he says it is.

The Cub Cadet is 21 years old, which means it’s time to invest in a new garden tractor. The purchase will happen tonight. 

There might be a spousal argument over this.

Ya see, I cut the grass too.  It takes hours to get the job done, so we spend a lot of time sitting.  I will be looking for comfort and an automatic transmission so that I don’t have to shift each time I go up and down the hills.  He just wants CHEAP.  He says that once the Cub Cadet gets fixed …. well, you  have to know my husband to know that he literally never throws anything out that he feels that he can possibly fix.  So I’m thinking that we will have a pair of “His & Her” tractors.  I want my HER tractor to be the cute comfortable NEW one so I should be able to have a say in all of this

Hence, the upcoming spousal argument.  :)

Wish me luck in getting my dream tractor tonight!  Please send some good supportive thoughts my way.  :)


So this time of year always get me thinking about flowers and what designs I can make with flowers.  I get my inspirations from things like this out in my yard ….

CIMG0282 Those Tulip colors make me want to get out the dye pots and experiment.

CIMG0283 CIMG0284 

The Lilacs are starting to bloom!  I love that smell in the air….

CIMG0280 My most favorite flower this time of year are the little Violas that sprout up like weeds all through my flower beds….


Those little violas are so delicate and cute and did you ever notice how the same plant can have flowers of different colors? 

So, I will be working on a Flower and butterfly design.  I’ve have many many requests for butterflies so I think it’s about time!

Keep watch for some pretty flower penny rugs coming soon!


Happy Day everyone!

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