Monday, May 16, 2011

Apple Blossoms <------New Pattern!


My newest design is almost ready for printing.

“Apple Blossoms” Wool Penny Rug Candle Mat

Preorder it to get the special price!

AppleBlossoms lrg

It might not look like it, but this one is really easy to stitch.  The flowers are attached with a simple cross stitch in the center.  The leaves are attached with a backstitch up the center.

I’ll include with the pattern a sheet with all the leaves drawn out. 

This saves that labor intensive and tedious time that is spent tracing those 52 leaves.

The leaf sheet can be placed in your copier, then copied onto a sheet of freezer wrap paper which has been cut to standard paper size.

Then iron that printed freezer paper onto your wool and it’s ready to cut. 

The finished candle mat measures 15” across and I highly recommend using 100% wool for this but wool felt can be used for some or all of the wool requirements to save on expense.

The special preorder price for this pattern is $8.00, which includes shipping. 

(Canada and US only.) I’ll split the shipping cost with all other international customers

To purchase the pattern, just click the Paypal button over on the left sidebar.  If you wish to pay by check instead, just email me and I’ll send you my mailing information.

The pattern should be printed and ready to mail by Wednesday or Thursday.

This special price will be until Friday, May 20, at which time it will go to the regular selling price of $9.50.


Kits will also be available for this.  Price is $36 for the kit which includes the pattern, the hand-dyed wools (green for the leaves, the pale yellow background wool and the dark yellow wool for the flower centers), and the natural white wool for the flowers and background.

All wool is washed and felted Woolrich wool.

Shipping cost is also included.  All you will need is the black DMC threads and the backing fabric.  a 15” x 15” backing wool is available for $5 more.

Email me to order the kit. 

Kits should be ready for mailing by Friday.


Happy Day everyone!

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