Monday, May 3, 2010

Let’s make a “Clay Pot Pansy” Candle Mat!

Holy Cow, I’ve been busy!
The training for the US Census is just about over.  I have a little more training to do this morning and then I’m on my own to get the job done.
Good news about this is that I’ve already been promoted even before I started working.  The bad news is that because I’ve been promoted to be an assistant, I’ll have meetings every single morning.  After this past week, I’ve discovered that I really need to organize my time much better if I hope to get through the next few months working this temporary, but full-time job.
So ladies,  I know there are some emails that I need to answer and I know that there are some comments that I need to respond to and I hope to get that done.  Please be patient with me … don’t give up on me.  I’m not snubbing you,  I’m just extremely busy.  I appreciate each and every one  of you.
Ok, let’s get on with making this beautiful Clay Pot Pansy candle mat, ok?
I’m preparing the pattern for this and hope to have it ready to sell by the end of this week or the beginning of next.
Most of my patterns use wools but can be easily adapted so that woolfelt may be used.  I don’t recommend woolfelt for this design however.  
As always, please don’t steal this design and create one without the pattern.  This is copyright infringement and I’m only doing this to show some of you out there how easy it is to make with the hopes that you’ll purchase the pattern.  There’s always going to be that bad apple that takes advantage of me, but the good ones far outweigh the few bad ones.  But again, please, don’t steal. 
We will start with stitching the clay pots onto the scalloped background.
The pattern will give you the size and shape to create the background.  Just simply line up the clay colored wool shapes onto the black backround and blanket stitch the top rim, going through all thicknesses. 
I’ll have kits for sale to make this too and it will include really nice thick wools to make the clay pots really stand out.
Next we will stitch on the leaves.
I like to arrange them first to make sure that they all fit how I want them to fit.  Once they are arranged on there, you can pin them in place or some like to use a little dab of glue stick to hold them in place. 
I prefer to add them as I need them so I take all but a few back off again….
I’ll backstich the veins into these three leaves and then add more once that’s finished. 
100_3763 Don’t let all those leaves intimidate you.  They are easily stitched on by doing a simple backstitch right down the center.  I prefer not to stitch down the entire leaf.  This gives the leaves a more realistic 3 dimensional look.
100_3764 Ok, leaves are attached and now I’m ready to attach that glorious pansy!
Ok, the pansy is attached.  EDITED 2/19/16:  I've changed up the design a bit.  The pansy colors may be made any color.  The new pattern picture will show this pansy having golden yellow and pretty purple petals.  I've found that over the years, the yellow/purple combination of colors is the most popular. 
And that’s all I have time to show right now … I have a meeting to get to.
Tomorrow will be the stems, the pansy blossoms and the finishing. 
Happy Day everyone!

For Part 2 of the Pansy Tutorial, CLICK HERE!


moosecraft said...

What an awesome candle mat! Love the 3D appearance to the leaves and flowers! I'll be watching for the pattern! :-) Good luck with your training!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Very have a good imagination!!!! Dianntha

Tanya said...

IT'S GORGEOUS!! Can't wait for the pattern to come out!

The tutorial will really come in handy!

Thanks so much for sharing.

WoolenSails said...

That is beautiful and it would make such a wonderful gift.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You have me so intrigued Cathy!! This is just an awesome creation!

Tolentreasures said...

That is beautiful! I just love it! Good Luck with your census job. I never got one and know how many other people that did not either. If your area is like ours...good luck! I think our postmaster just threw them away!