Friday, October 8, 2010

BUGS (Get Outta My House. Now)



bug bug bug

bug bug bug

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to shrink wrap your house so that no creepy crawly critters could come in? 

I imagine they’d still find a way to come in anyway though.

We have a problem with Stink Bugs.  From what I read and hear, it’s a big problem in our state of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

I guess, if there’s a good thing about stink bugs, it would be that they’re big and slow so they’re easy to capture.

The bad thing is, even when you capture it, there’s always another one. 

Nothing seems to work to kill them either.  I did spray some Clorox Bathroom Cleaner on one and it worked after a few minutes.  It’s probably best not to spray Clorox everywhere though. Exterminators are making a fortune on this.  From what I understand though, the bugs still come back even after paying an exterminator.

I’ll never ever call another exterminator to our house. Years ago, we had some carpenter ants in different spots in our house.  I really hate those things.  I hired an exterminator and got the year contract where the guy would come once a month to spray.

Because, after a few months of treatment, we still had the problem, I decided to follow him around as he sprayed.  As I was showing him the different spots where I’d find carpenter ants, he would spray that area.  I thought he would move things away from the baseboards and spray.  I became frightened when I pointed out one area and he sprayed right over the kid’s toys. 

I didn't say anything at first, thinking that I would just scrub the toys after he left.  But then, the final straw which made me kick the guy out of my house was when he opened our bathroom medicine cabinet and sprayed inside, right over our toothbrushes.

Just thinking of what he was spraying, without me knowing, all those other months when I wasn’t paying attention, still frightens me.

I took care of the ant problem myself by putting out Terro ant bait.

I imagine that there are exterminator companies that provide effective and safe spraying methods, but because of our experience, we don’t ever want to risk it again. 

So, I’ve found that the best way to get rid of the stink bugs that are coming in is to just vacuum them up.  Dyson does the job for me.

I wish I had a little portable vacuum to carry around in my pocket so that I could instantly capture them.

Hey, that would be a really good invention for someone … Hmmm…


Thank you all for the tremendous response for the “Christmas Sugar Cookies” pattern. 

I hope all of you who’ve ordered it will send me pictures when you’ve finished them.  We can have a cookie exchange!

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Happy Day and weekend everyone! 


Anonymous said...

My stink bugs are gone. (Please God, don't give me any more surprises)
I came home a few weeks ago, to find just my bedroom full of 10 or so stink bugs. I thought they were coming from the one window. So I vacuumed them all up and then covered and sealed the window with plastic. Problem solved.....until the next day when I cam home from work and found another 10 or so bugs! It turns out the screen on the big window was loose and it was open invitation day for those nasty critters.

By the way, don't kill them by smashing them. I did that the 1st day and then closed that bedroom door so that they wouldn't spread to any other room. When i opened the door to my room that night, it smelled like dirty socks. Really nasty week old dirty socks! So just keep vacuuming them.

Casserole Carol

JeanM said...

They do have small bug vaccums LOL. They sell them on Amazon!!
We have stink bugs here in MA too. If they let the stink out hubby gets a migraine so we carefully jar them up and toss outside.

Mary said...

OMG, my vacuum is FULL of stink bugs!
Glad to hear I'm not the only one sucking them up. Need to get a kid to empty the bag outside.

yorkie's primitives said...

I don't know if this works with stink bugs, but it got rid of my ants. I sprayed 2 parts vinegar with 1 part water around my kitchen and in my cabinets and they were gone that day! I had tried everything including ant killer on my counters but I didn't want to do that in my cabinets. You might try spraying around your doors and windows with the vinegar, water solution and see if it works. I hate bug too, Valerie

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't hurt to spray plain clorox on things it won't bleach, or clorox and water. Chlorine evaporates within 30 minutes.