Tuesday, November 2, 2010

“Dead Snowmen in a Jar”

See, I told you I’d be back! 
Last week was hubby’s last vacation of the year, so we took a few days to drive over to Michigan. 
Even though Michigan is only about a 4-5 hour drive away from us here in western PA, we’ve never been to Michigan.  We decided to venture over there to take a tour of the Ford factory.
I forgot to take my camera with me, so you’ll see no pictures, but I’m very happy to report that the people in Michigan seem to be normal!
They talk a little funny, but other than that, they look and act just like the normal folk that live around PA. 
In spite of the rainy, windy and cold weather, it was still nice to get away.  I didn’t have to cook for a few days either!

So, what’s been going on around here?  Well, believe it or not, I don’t always just work with wool.  I do take some time to do other crafty things once in a while.
I made some little snowmen for this glass vase……
100_4624 They’re just white cotton rag balls. I painted some faces on them. I plan to dirty them up a bit by spraying them with some tea and baking them.
It’s always fun to see/hear the reaction from my family members after I’ve made something different. 
The grandson dumped them out and told me he was going to put them back together, and proceeded to stack them.
Jen came in to pick him up and I don’t remember exactly what she said but the word “creepy” was the main verbal point.
Then Rachel came home and saw them.  She laughed and said, “Why do you have dead snowmen in a jar?”
This lack of support from my family might be disturbing to some, but I take great pride in living up to my “crazy wool lady” reputation.
Now, all of you readers, do me a favor and tell my daughters what YOU think of my crafty creation….
When you look at this picture, do you see creepy dead snowmen in a jar or do you see cute little snowman faces peering out of…….100_4623 … ok, wait … maybe it is a bit creepy ….  

Happy Day everyone!


Cyndi loves to stitch said...

They do appear to be mummy snowmen, but whatever people think they look like, they're as cute as can be!! I think I will have to make a jar of snowmen heads for my sewing table.

janice said...

Cathy, I don't think they are creepy, but my daughters would say the same about some of my crafty projects. It must be that age group!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Cathy Sweetie...
I love,love,love the little snowmen. NO they do not look dead, they look happy. I can't wait to see them when you get a little stain on them. They are just "happy" all around. I love them. I may have to give it a try myself. I love the idea. Isn't it amazing what each person can see with a ball and a face, in a jar?

Beautiful job, and I love snowmen, and I LOVE these.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

They are cute....but they are missing red dots!

Casserole Carol

Barbara said...

I love them! They are so cute, but maybe just a "little" creepy. hehe

Hugs XX

Darlene said...

LOL - I love them. I plan to make something similar for an ornament exchange party later this month.

Cat Haven Crafts said...

They are cute, but look like they might be waiting for the rest of their bodies! Keep them in the jar but don't put the heads on sticks then that would be creepy!

Bronny said...

I like them. I like them a lot!
I seem to be having a snowman fetish this year, and I might just pinch this idea for a decoration.
I have a traditionto melt a snowman candle every year - and post pictures hour by hour - THAT's macabre.
Snowmen heads in a bowl - THAT's fun!

Thank you for the inspiration

Lois said...

Cathy, I love them. They look really cute in that jar. KIDS!!!!
Lois L.

Bari Jo said...

well... they are.... ummmm... beheaded.....missing torsos... hee hee.... actually they are really cute! I would love some! (what makes me laugh also are the little gift cards with mini marshmallows in them saying you've been bad all year, so all you get is snowman poop! hee hee....try that one it will really gross 'em out! LOL

Sandi said...

I will be honest. They look like "Snowmen in waiting". They aren't dead.....just waiting to "come to life" with the next snowfall.

Karli said...

Uhhhh...they look like decapitated snowmen! Cute, as long as one doesn't ponder on it too long!

appleberrycottage said...

Simply add some blush to the cheeks and some walnut ink spray to prim them just a bit. It will bring them to life! :-)

Anonymous said...

Creative, not creepy. If I tried that, they would NOT resemble snowmen, and THAT would be creepy!