Monday, February 28, 2011

How 99 Cents Can Lead To Addiction Problems

It started last week. 

I read online about some nifty apps to download for Ipads and Ipods.

I kept reading about a little game app called “Angry Birds”.



There was a free trial for it, so “what the heck” I told myself.

I downloaded it onto my IPod and took it for a spin.

Pretty fun!  After just playing a few minutes of it, I knew this would be the perfect time killer game to play while waiting for my car to be serviced, or waiting for a dr appointment … you know … something to do when you have to kill some time.

The problem is though, it was so much fun to play that I’ve found myself carrying it around the house with me.  I can play a little while waiting for my morning coffee to brew. 

I can play it while waiting for the car to warm up a bit.

I can play it between commercials while watching tv and it’s excellent to play it between periods of the hockey game. 

Last night, I was so involved in completing level 5-8, that even though Amazing Race was on, I just listened to it.  I’m not even sure who the last team to arrive was but I did complete level 5-8!

I think it was at that point, I realized that, yes indeed, I have an addiction problem. 

Did that stop me from playing more? 

No, silly, that’s why it’s called an addiction!

Forget about hand-stitching while watching tv.  I don’t even need to watch tv now .. I have Angry Birds to play!

Ok, I’m going to post this and then work on my newest design … well maybe I will.  I think I’ll squeeze in some Angry Birds in between stitches.  Instead of eating lunch, I’ll play some Angry Birds. 

Maybe we’ll just order some pizza for dinner tonight.  Angry Birds can be played between bites. 

Did you know that you can go on YouTube to find videos which show you how to complete a level????   Amazing!

For only 99 cents more, I can buy the Angry Birds Seasons, which I think has holiday season themes for each of the levels. 



Happy Day Everyone!


Phyllis in Minnesota said...

From what I've heard, you aren't the only one addicted to those angry birds. It may be a waste of time.......but much better than many other addictions.

Calico Rabbit said...


I love angry birds too! just remember you only have a real problem if your first thought of pest control is a sling shot!

The seasons one is funny, have fun!


Sharlene said...

My husband is also MIA(missing in action) with the angry birds.If anyone sees him on their travels please send him home .

SANDI said...

Oh my! That's too funny.

Debbie said...

I got addicted last summer at girl scout camp. I have completed it but still pick it up to get a better score! I have my hubby playing it now! lol

Debbie K

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for you and Jimmy to take another trip....without phones!!!

I'll have Greg pray for you. If I can get him off the computer.

casselore Carol

Sandi said...

I had never heard of the game Angry Birds. However, I've had a few angry birds when they fly into our living room window. :-) This was a funny post. I enjoy reading your blog. :-)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Oh my husband went through an addiction period to Angry Birds. LOL. I don't have the urge to play it, but then again I sit looking at blogs for the same amount of time he plays the game, so I guess this is just my addiction of choice. :)

Lisa said...

LOL!! I had these on my iPhone and when I finally BEAT the thing I just deleted them!! They are so hard and I really don't do well with games, make me nervous! hehe
Hope you get your dinner eaten!
Hugs, Lisa