Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“Caught With Carrots” <<-------The Beginning!

I’ve had this idea in my head since last fall for a spring design with bunnies in a carrot garden.

It’s inspired by my husband’s Aunt Ethel. 

Aunt Ethel used to be what we now call a “neat freak” .  Her house and property were perfectly maintained with a spotless home and an absolutely picture perfect yard and garden.

Aunt Ethel love nature and especially the bunnies and birds.  She complained about them though, as one would complain about their children. She didn’t want them in her garden!   To keep the bunnies out , she had a small wire fence around her perfect garden.

Aunt Ethel complained and complained about the bunnies figuring out a way into her garden in spite of the perfectly installed garden fence.  Every time we visited, she’d have a different story to tell about the animals in her garden.

We’d laugh as she told us how she’d stand and scold the bunnies when she found them feasting on her perfect vegetable plants.  She’d threaten them with her perfectly shiny clean shovel, as one would threaten a child with a paddling.  But she could never hurt them, even though they caused massive damage to her carrots and lettuce. I think they must have known that, which is why they kept coming back for more

I miss Aunt Ethel…. and her stories.

But anyway, I had this idea for a penny rug design with a bunny getting caught by Aunt Ethel in her carrot garden.

I had to figure out how to make the bunny so here’s the first sketch…

Caught in Carrots I had found that one Google picture that I mentioned in my previous post, that gave me the help I needed to make those eyes have a guilty expression.

  bunny Once I had decided how to draw the bunny, I drew it out to the pattern scale size that I needed.

caught in carrotsThen I drew in the rest of the design …

I wanted the carrots to look like they were growing out of the ground with the bunny chewing on the carrot greens ….

caught in carrots  Once that was drawn, I needed to figure out the colors, so my colored pencils did their job …..

caught in carrotsOnce I have the exact design drawn out, I get really excited to start stitching. 

I will be dyeing the wools that I need for these colors and in the next few days, I’ll show my progress. 


  I’ll be back soon with more Caught In Carrots pictures …

Happy Day everyone!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Dear Cath:
Thank you for the sweet story about Aunt Ethel.
I loved getting a first hand glimpse into how artists start the design process and how a sketch and planning evolve into a thing of beauty. I can't wait to see this finished.

Shirley said...

Dear Cath, I enjoyed your story about your Aunt Ethel. I will be anxious to see your finish picture. It sounds so cute. I have a thing about bunnies. We usually have them in the spring of the year along with our other animals. We use to have the deer, the fox , and others, but since all the houses have been built around us. We don't have as many. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.