Monday, March 12, 2012

Time For An Update

You ladies probably already know this but it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!
Rach, my daughter brought home an entire case of Tagalongs last night.  A friend of hers buys the cookies by cases, not boxes.  He is not only generously supporting the Girl Scout organization, he is generously supporting my hubby’s addiction to Taglongs by giving Rach a case of the cookies to bring home.
The really nice thing about Girl Scout cookies is that they freeze really well so we can buy a number of boxes now and save them for later.  The really BAD thing about freezing Girl Scout cookies is that they taste REALLY good when they are frozen.  Frozen Somoas are just exceptional!
I have a really good recipe for peanut butter cheesecake using Do-Si-Dos.  I’ll have to dig that one up and give it out to you ladies to try.
My sister, Casserole Carol, has worked for the Girl Scout Organization for many many years so I know how much the organization appreciates the cookie support every year.
Last week, we had one really nice sunny day and I spent the entire day dyeing up lots of wool.
CIMG1023 Lots of spring colors and Pansy colors were drying outside on my clothesline throughout the day and it looked so pretty. 
So yesterday, I had planned to spend the day updating my website with more wool kits and some hand-dyed wool. 
But when I got up and discovered that  it was absolutely beautiful outside, I decided to take the entire day off.  No phone or computer for the entire day because we were out enjoying the weather.  On the way home last night we stopped at a little roadside country restaurant. Oh my, just delicious homemade everything!  You can never go wrong with food at a little country …. oh wait, you can go very wrong eating a little roadside restaurants…we are careful and only stop at places that have lots of cars sitting outside.

It felt so good to get away from the business for the day and we both realize now that I need to do this at least one day a week.  Perhaps it will be every Sunday from now on, we’ll see.
Needless to say, I didn’t get the wool added to my website, but it is available and sometime this week, I’ll take the time to add it in.

My website address is  . If interested in wool for a reasonable price, just click on the “wool” button later in the week. 
For you ladies who have been so kindly nudging me to offer a pattern for the pansy candle mat that I show in my icon.

As promised, I am starting to work on it.  It’s not going to look exactly like the picture above though.  I changed up the design a bit.  Here’s a little sneak peak….
I hope to have the pattern ready to print by the end of the week and have it available for purchase by the beginning of next week, so keep watch ..  It really is glorious!  And, just working with the pretty pansy colors and stitching the  petals gives me that spring is in the air feeling.

And one last thing before I end this…. My website has a special page that is devoted to the works and art of my customers.  If you’ve made a design of mine and wish to share a picture of it with the world, please send the picture to me and I’ll post it.

I used to have a small collection of pictures from my customers in a file on my computer, but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find those pictures.  So if you don’t see your pictures that you sent, please resend.  Let’s help to make a big gallery of art on that webpage!

Happy Day!


Sarah in Houston said...

I just discovered you through pinterest. I'm so excited. I LOVE wool penny rugs and your patterns look great. Thanks for being on the net!

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