Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GO VOTE! (PoliticalStuffWithLotsOfPictures)

Before I starting typing this, I went to Google images to look for a good picture of Obama & Romney together. Scrolling down, the Google images amused me greatly because there were some daRn funny ones.

We can learn alot about the candidates just by looking at the pictures.
This is a good one to start with:
Slugfest indeed!  I learned that in this slugfest, it looks like Romney got a good left hook into Obama's face.
Of course there's the typical Romney/Obama faceoff picture which isn't necesarily funny but should be included in with the list of pictures for the Presidentail candidates.  In this picture, it looks like Romney has a campaign face on and Obama looks like he means business.
We have an Obama/Romney eating picture ... that wafflecone looks really good!  Obama likes green ice cream waffle cones.  Romney seems more presidential here because he prefers vanilla icecream with cherries ... normally called "whitehouse"  ice cream.
We have the presidential baby-kissing pictures.  It's a must-have for all presidential campaigns.  It looks like Romney prefers kissing girls and umm... Obama prefers to kiss boys.  Gosh, that sounds bad, eh?
Of course, with Halloween being so close to election day, we are naturally going to see lots of Obama/Romney clones.
To me, it looks like Obama's face might be a bit more realistic looking.  The teeth look off on Romney... and the hair too.
Obama makes a better face mask, people.  Keep that in mind when voting.

 Then there's the Romney/Obama caricature pictures.  I have to admit, Obama has a really good face for those who do caricature drawing.  I don't know which one will win the most votes from women, but it's nice to see the men fighting over us!
Perhaps the one that made me really smile was this one......

So funny.  When looking at this, it's not about who wins the fight.  It makes me think how funny it would be to see them rolling down bowling lanes to see which one knocks down the most pins. 

 As I'm typing this, I received two phone calls from 800 numbers which are guaranteed to be about voting/elections.  Anymore, I look at the caller id and if I don't recongnize the number, I pick the phone up and drop it right back down.
Yes, I hang up on these people.  I probably don't have to tell you how many of these calls I get everyday because all of us are getting the same calls. 
Although I was thrilled to hear Bill Clinton talking to meon the phone,
 I sometimes get so tired of the phone ringing that to protest, I've considered not voting.

I can't do that though.  I think maybe they ought to pay us citizens to listen to their campaign rhetoric.  I know if I were paid to listen to something, I would listen better simply because I was getting some reward.
Yes, I'm tired of the phone calls. I'm tired of the commercials on tv. I'm tired of trying to figure out who is telling the truth and who is distorting the truth. It's so bad that I get confused, but whether I vote Republican or Democrat, or a little bit of both, I want it all to end. 
I will always do my part to end it by going out to vote.

Good luck to all you Romney/Obama voters.  It's supposed to be a close race and it will be exciting to see the results as they come in tonight.  I hope and wish for all of you to have to stand in loooooong voting lines today.  The long lines to vote are what we need in this country because it means a good turnout!

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marie said...

No long lines in Oregon, we vote by mail.