Sunday, March 24, 2013

Remodeling ....Rooms & Patterns!

Easter Sunday is forcing me to clean.  The relatives are coming!  I figure there will be about hmmm...20 men, women & small childs here so I need to clear out the dining room.

My dining room has become a real mess lately.  We rarely use it for dining anymore.  About 98% of the time, it's used for my business.  My computer & printer are here in the dining room as well as my file cabinet that contain all of my patterns. The worst problem as far as misuse of space is how my walls are now decorated...
"Decorated" isn't exactly a good way to describe my dining room walls though.  I have my finished samples flung over an old washstand, I have them flung over a wall shelf ...basically, I have them flung over anything and everything that will hold them.  I need to create a wall space so that I can display them nicely and with a little more respect.
That's going to be my project for this week and my deadline to finish is this coming Friday.  I will show pictures of the finish and only because the promise to post pictures will force me to get it done!

In other remodeling/redesigning news... My "Blueberry Baskets" pattern has now been redesigned into something better....
  (The re-design is on the top)

Ever since I created this, it bothered me that there was so much empty white space in the design.  It got to the point that I didn't enjoy looking at it because it bothered me so much.  I realized that if "I" didn't enjoy looking at it, most likely my customers would feel the same way so I knew it was time to make it right.

The redesigned version, as you can see is exactly the same baskets and background. I changed the background color, gave it some larger leaves and added some flowers. I also increased the blueberry size a bit.  Each basket contains about 18 blueberries as opposed to about 23-25 in the original design.  This is important because those darn blueberries become tedious to make after about the first two dozen!

 I love this "Blueberry Baskets" design now and will display this proudly on my dining room wall...(once I figure out a good way to display my things this week)

This new design can be purchased from my website
I have the wool kits available for this too.  Or, if you just need the mottled blue wool for the blueberries, I have that available too.

For those of you who have purchased the original design and would like to make the new design, just email me a picture of your original pattern as proof that you own it, or, to make it easier, just email me the fabric requirement size for the camel colored wool that's used for the baskets.  I'll email the pattern changes to you in PDF form.


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Cathy,
I like both, but the redesigned one won't show the dirt. I see I missed one...the gingerbread faces. Like that one too.
Are you ready for the next storm???
Take care,

pipersmom said...

Love the Blueberries, so much so I've bought the kit :-) Thanks for such pretty designs!

Deb said...

Love this design, the new and improved really makes the blueberries stand out.