Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stephen King! Oh.Oh.Oh!

Stephen King was in town yesterday!  In the lovely town of Sewickley, Pa, I might add.
He was visiting to promote his new book.  The event, sponsored by the local book store in Sewickley, was held in the auditorium of the Sewickley Academy, a private school.
It was a small venue, with only 600 tickets sold for the event.  My husband and I were extremely fortunate to have two amazing daughters and one future son-in-law who camped out overnight on a chilly, rainy night last month in the hopes of getting tickets for this very special Stephen King event.  They arrived at the bookstore at 8pm, with blankets, pillows and folding chairs and along with hundreds of others, waited until 10 am the next morning to buy the tickets.

Both girls grew up knowing our love for this author so when Rach heard about the event, she knew she had to do everything she could to try for the tickets. Jen, Rach and Brad not only were able to get tickets for my husband and me, they managed to get FRONT ROW SEATS for us!

This was to be a surprise Father's Day gift for my husband.  It was indeed a surprise! 
Actually, I knew about it but had to keep it secret from my husband.  It was very difficult to not tell him why I was texting so much back and forth to my daughters that evening and the next morning.

My husband and I have been huge Stephen King fans from way back.  I'm pretty sure we've read every one of his books.
I remember way back when we first got married, I knew when to watch for his new books and would always put my name on the wait list at our local library.  Back then, I was happy to get library books.  Nowadays, to support Mr. King and all his greatness, we buy his books now. 

This is just a small part of our collection.  I see a Ken Follett book in there...that should be on the Ken Follet shelf so just ignore that and know that every other book on those two shelves are Mr. King's books.

It was an absolutely wonderful evening.  I expected him to read excerpts from his new book.  But, he told us that since we had all already purchased the book, (the ticket cost included a book), there was no sense in trying to promote it.  Instead, he just simply talked....His own personal stories about his life and his family and how he got to be the great author that he is.
He did make mention that people who read books are becoming a rare breed.  Sad but so true.
He's just a regular guy, dressed in blue jeans and what looked to be an old tshirt and sneakers that were purchased by his grandson so that he could look cool while on his book tour.

Front row seats to see this man!  He was a mere 10 feet away from us!  Big smiles on our faces when it was all over.  We even went onto the stage and sat in his chair.

In other news, I've been working on a secret project.
I'm not permitted to give the details yet but I'm honored and thrilled to be asked to participate.  Within the year, expect surprisingly great things for all of us who have the love for wool!

It's Thursday and tonight is the big Pens game.  If we win tonight, the Stanley cup is ours for the year!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I'll be back next week some time with a new design...maybe!


acorn hollow said...

Stephen King is a nice man he has done a lot for the area of Maine he lives in.
I use to read him a lot but I just can't do the scary stuff any more.

Caths Pennies said...

I know what you mean about the scary stuff. It's odd for me to love his books so much because I don't watch scary horror movies and generally don't read other horror type books.
My favorite books of his are the ones that aren't the typical horror stories like Misery and 11/22/83.
I normally don't watch the movies that were made from Stephen King books either...with Shawshank Redemption, Misery and a few others being an exception.
The movies are never as good as the book.

Emma said...

Stephen King is my favourite author ! I was so happy to see him in my country, in France. Next year, I make a roadtrip in Maine just for seeing his country :)
It will be a great idea to make a design for him :)