Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinosaur Birthdays

For well over a month now, Our grandson has been practicing the 3 finger hand sign for how old he will be on December 6th. Finally the day arrived so that he can officially be 3 years old. The birthday celebration was held last night.

Here's K with is little cousin. For the longest time, K was requesting a Strawberry Elmo cake with chocolate chip cookies on top which kinda proves that giving a 3 year old his choice of what kind of cake he wishes for his birthday might result in some odd flavor combinations.
Jen over a period of a few weeks, gradually steered him in a tastier cake combination and they both decided that a chocolate "Dino" cake would be perfect.
He graciously allowed his cousin to share his birthday chair. Thankfully, being only 2, his cousin was not as proficient as K at blowing out candles. Othewise this might have ended up being a candle blowing disaster.

Take a look at this Dino cake ...
Now, for me, I would probably call up the closest bakery and order a cake with a dino picture on it. Jen, on the other hand, has to take advantage of all that creativity that the Lord blessed her with to create the ultimate Dinosaur Design. Honestly, I don't know how she managed to do this but I imagine it might have involved some wood-carving tools. The cake was made completely from scratch too. Chocolate and yellow cake. Wow, my daughter is amazing!

Finally, the "Oh Snowy Night" Table Runner Pattern is ready to sell! It's at the printers now and should be ready for mailing on Friday. Anyone interested in purchasing this pattern, just click up there at the top left of the screen to buy it for the special preorder price of $8.00 which includes shipping. After Saturday, the price will go up to the regular selling price of $9.50.
This measures 10" x 18" and you can look at my previous post to see how to turn this from "Oh Snowy Night" into "Oh Hungry Snowmen" simply by placing a plate of goodies in the center. haha ... that makes me smile to think that I discovered that completely by accident. In fact, I think I like the table runner even better with them sniffing the goodies on the plate rather than admiring the snow in the sky.

I also will have wool kits available for sale. The price of $35 (includes shipping cost too) includes everything you need to make this: the pattern, the black, white and orange 100% wools, the cotton backing fabric and the embroidery floss. If you're interested in the "Oh Snowy Night" Kit, order it in the same way ... up there in the left corner and click on the drop down menu under the picture. The kits should be ready to mail out on Friday too.
Happy Day everyone ...


Lisa said...

I love the cake!! You have to have a Dinosaur Birthday or 2 if you have boys! That is just great! Love the snowman mat!!
Hugs, Lisa

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

What adorable little boys and a wonderful cake too! Your DD must have inherited some of your talent!
She did a great job! I hope Kaiden had an awesome birthday!

Your new table runner is so cute! Your work always amazes me.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Linda said...

I've just gone to the good will store and bought some wool jackets and skirts. I've tore off all the buttons, ripping out the lining, and trying to get it ready for the beatin' in the washer, I'm so excited. Thanks for all your help, and I need to order some patterns from you soon.
Linda @ kindlelight blessings....can't wait to make some candle mats for my awesome candles!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a sweet 3 year old! And yes, you have a very talented daughter - she takes after her mother!