Friday, December 11, 2009

New Patterns are now READY!


I finally finished packaging this newest pattern late last night. Patterns and kits that have been ordered will be mailed out today.  Thank you all for the orders. 

I have to mention too … If you have ordered something from me and haven’t received it within say, a week, after ordering it, please let me know.  Sometimes quite a few orders come in at the same time and that, along with Ebay orders it all can get confusing for me.  I do have an organized system for ensuring that the orders get filled and mailed, but there can be flaws at times … mostly because I’m a scatterbrain and some of the time because this is all new to me and it’s a BIG adjustment! 

Anyway, as soon as I get an order, most times, it’s mailed out either the same day or the next day, so if you haven’t received it within a week,  just let me know.

It was such a busy day yesterday and didn’t even get home until almost 7pm last night.  Then we had to make the decision of whether to watch the Steelers, the Pens or Survivor on tv.  Thankfully, we have a DVR and hubby recorded the football game for us to watch after Survivor.   The Steelers are looking sooo bad this year, I stopped watching after the first quarter.  My hubby, who usually sits and silently simmers during baaad games like this, was actually laughing by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Ben, the quarterback was sacked  … what?  8 times??   At least the Pens won their game.



It’s so cold today, I turned on our gas logs just to get the chill out of the living room.  Usually in the winter, I don’t bother turning on the logs until evening.  Today is an exception.  Goodness gracious it’s something like 18 degrees out there and with the wind, it’s much colder.  And yes, we don’t mess with real wood fires anymore.  I love real fires in the fireplace but it’s just so messy so we’ve had gas logs for oh, at least 10 years now.  It’s great if the power goes out too because it can easily keep the entire main floor warm. 

I am trying to use Windows Live Writer again for this post.  Rondell, at Tomatoe Creek Prims  keeps saying how wonderful it is to use.  I tried using it once, months ago, and it is nice to use but when I went to click the “Publish” button, the entire post that I wrote, DISAPPEARED.  So, I never messed with it again.  I had visions of my post magically appearing in someone else’s blog.  Actually, that would be quite funny….


Ok, that’s it for today.  Stay warm everyone … and for those of you in areas of warm climate today … I’ll try not to be jealous. 


Oh yeah, be sure to check out my blog tomorrow.  I’ll be doing a little giveaway. 

Happy Day everyone!

I’m going to click “Publish” now … let’s see if it works this time!


Quilt Hollow said...

The fire looks delightful and inviting! Keep toasty this weekend and congrats on your latest!

Cara said...

DH gave up watching the game after half time too. Though to be fair with such cold temps they shouldn't even have been playing. Its dangerous that cold.
I love the fireplace. I really wish I had one.

WoolenSails said...

You have been busy with your new patterns and wonderful designs. A nice warm fire is what I wish I had, miss having a fireplace.


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