Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things That Make You Go #&)@*#$

I think you need to look at this picture first….

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?


This was at our local Shop&Save grocery store.  I saw this sign and just had to get a picture.  I mean really?  A sale that’s not really a sale?

Honestly, someone in their advertising department is a dolt.

Now if this were April Fool’s Day, I would understand the sign completely.  Maybe it has something to do with the “Sale” ending on 4/20.  Freshly baked indeed.

So, I didn’t buy any freshly baked cookies, simply out of protest for the non-sale sale.   I do admit that it gave me a good giggle though.


The thing that really made me want to say #*#&@# was when I went to the post office yesterday to mail out some packages.

It’s only 3 cents more an ounce

pennies That’s how much the postage was just increased to mail one pattern out.

To mail two patterns out in one envelope, it’s 6 cents. 

I don’t know about you, but most time, if I see a penny on the sidewalk, I don’t even bother to pick it up.  Pennies are almost worthless anymore.

But charge me 3cents more per pattern is a big ouchy because 3 cents adds up quickly when buying stamps.

See, not only does the postage cost me more, but I’m now going to be putting a stupid amount of stamps on the pattern mailing envelopes that go out.

I know that I can electronically print out postage, affix it to the envelope and actually save a little bit of $$ doing it too.  But, it’s impersonal to me.  I prefer to hand address and attach real stamps to my patterns going out in the mail.  It’s my own little personal touch.

pansy stamp I like the .44 cent pansy stamp, so I always have a large supply of that one on hand.

I need more postage than .44 to mail out a pattern though so I buy a .17 cent stamp to sit beside it.  I’ve no choice on this  17cent stamp so it’s always the Blue Ram ….


I know, I know, blue rams and pansies don’t go well together, but like I said, I’ve no choice. 

Until I run out of my current supply of stamps, this is how my envelopes will now look when I mail out two patterns…

CIMG0238*heavey sigh*  Tackiness indeed.  Sorry ladies, blame the USPS for this.

Although I do have to say that the guys who work at the Rochester, Pa post office are THE BEST!



Happy Day everyone!


Calico Rabbit said...

love that sign!

you know someone went home and was like
"I got a great deal on some cookies today!"

hardly no one reads fine print these days!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I think rams eat pansies so watch out for missing stamps! Enjoyed your post!

Sandy said...

That cookie sign is too funny....I would have loved to hear the manager explain that one!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Ugh, nothing at a grocery store bakery is fresh really anyway. It might have been freshly baked, but it came to the store in a box frozen solid. I used to work in a grocery store bakery. Nothing was "made" there, only baked there. Ew.

Shirley said...

I loved your sign today. It gave me a chuckle. I enjoyed your previous post having three grandsons of my own. They are a lot of help and fun to have around. Take care Happy Easter. Your Missouri Friend.

Anonymous said...

LOL Mom! Love ya! (D#1)

Anonymous said...


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