Friday, April 15, 2011

Wait …. Child Labor Laws??! Nahhh …

First of all, let me say THANK YOU! to all who’ve ordered my newest pattern,”Tulips”.  They went out in the mail today.  Wool kits were even mailed out today, a day earlier than expected. 
I still have two full kits and two Tulip wool kits left, so if you’re interested just email me at and I’ll send an invoice for payment and get it in the mail to you instantly!
The main reason why I was able to get everything ready for mailing today was because of the grandson. He helped me to get my work done.
The grandson comes to stay with me at least a couple days every week.  I know most grandparents would boast about their grandchildren and I admit to doing that too, but I do have to also admit that the kid is somewhat of a freak.  At 4 1/2  years old, he loves to clean.
When he comes to the house, the first thing he always asks is,
“Are we going to clean today?” 
He doesn’t say it in a dreary, bored, “do we have to?” kinda voice.  He says it with happiness and excitement.
I, being no dummy and also somewhat a hater of cleaning, naturally will find him something to clean while he’s here, since 1. HE WANTS TO DO IT!  and 2, IT NEEDS DONE!
Who cares about the child labor laws.  To him, it’s fun!
Jen told me that I need to stop working him so much because there will come a time that he gets sick of it and won’t ever want to help again.   I say phooey on that!
I’m going to take advantage of whatever he’s willing to do.
Soooo…. yesterday, he washed the dishes for me …
He vacuumed the kitchen floor for me ….
CIMG0174   (we had to change his shirt because the dishwashing became somewhat of a shirt washing too)
CIMG0175 Then he vacuumed the steps for me which is a HUGE help because it’s difficult to hold the vacuum and sweep at the same time.
He’s amazingly good at doing this too and each time he does it, he gets even better!
Then we went upstairs and he vacuumed the bathroom floor, sprayed and washed the floor behind the cabinets,  and cleaned two big mirrors. After that, he went all around the house gathering up the trash from all the waste baskets.
Finally, he helped me change the sheets on our bed and then make the bed.
CIMG0181 I always allow him to jump on the bed  (look at this amazing shot!)
We sing the “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” song until he gets tired of jumping.
So you see, we got a lot of work done and since he was worn out, he sat quietly watching tv while I finished packing patterns and addressing mailing envelopes. 
He wanted MORE work to do but I had run out of things …other than painting the back door, which I would have let him do if he had old clothes to wear.
I think if he lived here with us, our house would be spotless. 
If Jen & Jason would just have a few more kids, we could start a kid cleaning service. …. oh the possibilities!

Happy Day everyone and please don’t report me to Child Services!


rachel said...

Your grandson is too cute! Your secret is safe with me - take full advantage of his "excitement" over cleaning...i'm sure it'll pass! lol Have a great weekend!

West Side of Straight said...

Oh send him to me for a week!!!!! One of our nephews loved to clean out my kitchen junk drawers (2) when they would come over. After the first time, I'd be sure to put some quarters and dimes in the drawer loose, and would tell him he could keep whatever money he found! Boy, he cleaned those drawers out from the time he was very little til a teenager. Now we don't see him very often! What a great kit your grandson is.

Patty said...

Your grandson reminds me of my youngest daughter. When she was in first grade the letters to Santa were published in the local paper. She ask for(and received) more cleaning supplies"so she could clean more better". She still keeps her apartment very, very clean.

Angela said...

I love this. Enjoy while you can and you are teaching him good skills. 20 years from now, his wife will LOVE you for it! haha