Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Didn't Pray For Rain... Honest!

This is our driveway after last nigh't hail storm.  It's a pretty, thick, carpet of leaves. Because of the golf ball size hail that bombed us for at least 15 minutes, we had a lot of property and vehicle damage ... and a pretty carpet of leaves, EVERYWHERE.
I need to say this right now ... I DID NOT PRAY FOR RAIN!

I feel the need to emphasize this because the last time I prayed for rain, God listened too well.
When I was just little, our family along with a couple other families took a vacation camping trip.  We had a little pop-up trailer and the family friends both had tents.
I remember that my parent's friend, Betty, kept remarking about how dry it was and that the area was desparate for rain.
Not even thinking that rain might possibly spoil our camping vacation .. that evening, for my bedtime prayers, yes, I prayed for rain.  

The next day, we got rain. 

We got so much rain that it nearly flooded the tents. The  rain continued for the next few days, which pretty much ruined our vacation.  Now remember, I was just little then ... maybe 8 or 9 but after a few days of the miserable rain, and feeling so guilty that it was because of ME that the rain was flooding the area, I confessed to my family and family friends that because I prayed for the rain, I was responsible for this mess.

They all laughed at me.  They all teased me mercilessly ... Their teasing only made it worse.  No one really understood that I REALLY believed that I was responsible.

That vacation week memory has always stayed with me and since then, no mattern how dry the weather, how badly we've needed rain ....I've never, EVER prayed for rain.  I just don't want to take that chance that I'll create flooding devastation.   I know it's ridiculous, but it's just one of my few character flaws that keep me from being a perfect individual.  :)

Soooo... just two days ago, with the weather being so dry, we are becoming a little concerned about our well water.  The grass is brown and dry and my veggie garden is suffering because of the heat and lack of rain.
Two days ago, I considered praying for rain but I stopped myself because  my childhood vacation memory flooded my brain.  I reminded myself of how silly I was for being scared to pray for rain.  But now I'm thinking that perhaps just THINKING about praying for the rain .... NO, God would not do that! Haha ...

Anyway,  the storm damage is done.  Almost the whole back of our house will have to have the siding replaced ....

Hail holes are marked with the arrows.

My car and Rachel's car were both parked in the garage, so they were saved, but my husband's truck, the truck that he treats like a precious baby, has divots all over the hood and side. His taillight is broken and so is his side mirror.

Our 1998 Mustang, which normally is kept in the garage, was sitting outside. My husband pulled it out of the garage for the first time in months so that he could clean out the garage. It's ALWAYS in the garage, except yesterday, it wasn't.

It has a cracked windshield and golfball size divots everwhere.  At least the convertible top wasn't damaged.
The good thing out of all of this is that we received plenty of rain so my veggies and flowers are happy. 
It's clean up time now.  Raking leaves in July is odd.
The weather forecasts are calling for more rain today too, which is a good thing.
I think and hope ... but won't pray,  that this horrible dry spell is now over!

Happy Day!


Nancy said...

I am so sorry for the damage you sustained. You are not in NJ, are you? It was wicked there last Friday night and people still are without power. I remember praying for rain once when visiting England with my friends from Nottingham. We had just seen Penniston Crag (sp?) where Heathcliffe and Cathy had a torrid moment in a downpour and I signed, wishing for the same. We no sooner got back to the cottage in Haltwhistle when the Heavens opened and they swore we were going to be washed away. It was a lovely, refreshing rain, not with damage like what you suffered. I am sorry for the trees, but I am REALLY sorry for the Mustang - my favorite car! (Once had a 71 Mach I - oh my). So long as you are all safe, that is what is really important, right?

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

So, your the ones who got that bad storm. We just got rain, but heard about your area!!!