Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wool Stashes

             What a lovely morning I woke up to!  Finally the temps have dropped to a liveable high 80s' and the humidity is down somewhat too.  Still no rain or any signs of rain anytime soon, but at least with the lower temperature, watering the veggies & flowers is less time consuming.

I sent out a newsletter the other day and the response for the blueberry wool kits and the wool stashes that I'm offering has been overwhelming.  For those of you who didn't receive the newsletter the other day and wish to, it's easy to subscribe. Just type your email address over there on the upper left column and click the subcribe button.  Double check to make sure that you type your email address correctly.... I get a number of bounced newletters undelivered because of wrong addresses.
My website now has groupings of assorted sized wool pieces that I'm calling a"wool stash".
They're selling extremely well and my supply is running low.  If you're interested in either starting a wool stash or increasing the size of your own wool stash, you can find my offerings on my website HERE
Act quick because it's going fast.

It's a super good price ... the shipping cost is included in the price too. 
This all comes from my own wool stash.  I'm downsizing and my family will be oh so happy to not find wool in every room of the house!
I have collected a huge amount of wool over the past 12+ years and I realize now that I will never ever use most of it.
Since most of the wool that I use now is new, off the bolt wool, my wool stash has become unneeded.  As much as it hurts to sell it, I must! 
Also, within the next few days, I'll offer up more baggies full of wool squares....
These are small 3" x 3" (approx) squares of assorted colors and textures.  This is super nice to have around for those times when you just need a small bit of color for some leaves, a snowman nose, a flower, etc.
The two bags that I had sold almost immediately so I hope to work on getting more together tonight and tomorrow.
When they're back in stock, you can find them on my website HERE

And ... also available is a bag or box of wool scraps. ...
These are all different sizes and shapes and colors. Most of the scraps are too small to use for stitching but you would definitely find some pieces to be of use.  I use these scraps for filing small pillows and pinkeeps.
I don't know about you, but I don't like using poly fiberfill for little shelf pillows or pinkeeps.  They're too lightweight.
Snip these wool scraps into tiny pieces and stuff your pillows tight with it.  It give it weight.  Try it one time and I guarantee you won't go back to poly fiberfill again!  I'm selling the scraps for just the cost of shipping plus a little more than a buck to cover gas to get it to the post office for you.  You can find these scraps on my website HERE

Thank you ladies!

Happy Day!

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