Monday, July 1, 2013

"Forget-Me-Nots" New Pattern is Ready to Go!

Finally this one is ready to go.  I had some big trouble getting the pretty butter yellow background to print properly for the pattern front.  After many many attempts, I got it right...or rather the printer got it right and the pattern is done!

Introducing "Forget-Me-Nots" Candle Mat Pattern

 The finished size is 14" across.  It's shown made with 100% wool but woolfelt can be substituted for any or all of the wool requirements.  The flowers are really easy to make and you'll find this a fairly quick design to stitch up.
The pattern comes with a layout guide and a pattern template  that makes it simple to place each flower stem exactly in the right place.
The pattern is a special price just for my blog readers.  It's just for a very limited time.  Price right now is $8.00 including shipping for US & Canada.  After a few days, the price will go up to the regular selling price of $9.00.
If you wish to pay by check instead of credit card/Paypal, just email me and I'll send you my mailing address.
I love this design made with Violet colors too.  I actually considered naming this pattern "Summertime Violets" because I couldn't decide which was prettier , the blue or the violet. The blue Forget-Me-Nots won out but only because I already have a violets pattern!
I imagine this would look really pretty with red or even bright orange and yellow flowers too ...or a mix of assorted colors would be beautiful too! 

Thank you for reading!
Happy Day!


Danice said...

Very pretty. I love both patterns :)

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