Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Is Here & I Love It!

I always welcome fall.  I love this season. 
The Marigolds that I always plant along the sidewalk to our front door are flourishing, as they always do this time of year.  The flowers have grown right over the sidewalk, leaving a small pathway to the front door.
I have a blog question and hope that someone can help me with it. I want to be able to start another blog that I can keep private so that just those people who I have approved can read it.  Is that possible?
I really REALLY enjoy writing and the last few can tell by how my writing in here has virtually stopped...I've stopped writing in here other than business related things.  I've stopped writing for a reason and that reason can't be posted in here for the whole world to see.
Basically, it's my rule to follow that I "don't mess with crazy".  So I want to hide from crazy so that crazy doesn't become even more crazy!
And...actually, once I'm hiding from crazy, I can tell the story of crazy with no fear.
It's not that I have anything all that important to write about.  It's not that I expect a huge audience to read and shower me with praise and accolades for my amazing writing skills.  I don't want that at all.
Just as I have this desire to stitch, I just have a great desire to write and if all of you want to read my mush and are entertained by my mush, all the better.
I have to say that in 8th grade I won first place in a writing contest.  I won over the entire 7 & 8th grade class.  It was a short story and it had a really sad ending.  I think I made people cry with the ending.  The bad thing about it though was that all my classmates who didn't know me thought it was a true story.  They all felt sorry for me because of how much I suffered though such bad circumstances.  I wish now that I would've made the school principal announce to everyone that it wasn't a true story.
Anyway, if someone could help me figure out how to make a blog that I can make private/not public to the whole world, I'd appreciate it. Email me with the help please ..
In other news... this weather has made me crave Stuffed Cabbage or "Pigs in the Blanket" as we call them here in Western Pa.  "Pigs" are popular in my family so I made a full roaster of them this morning.
I had a really good crop of tomatoes in my garden this year so I was able to use fresh tomato sauce too.   I love pigs!  It's starting to smell really nice here in the house.
Stitching news....I've been so busy doing so many other things around the house that I'm behind on getting the new design out.  Here's a little sneak peak's a work in progress so there will be some slight changes in the finished design.
It has a lot of embroidered detail.  I've tried to stay away from putting too much embroidered details in the designs that I sell, because most of you don't really appreciate all the tedious stitching.
This is what I enjoy doing though .. and I know that some of you, like me, enjoy stitching embroidery details so this design will be just for us tedious stitchers! 
That's all I have for now!  Don't be jealous of my Pigs, ladies.  You're all invited over for dinner tonight...homemade mashed potatoes AND ... homemade bread too!  Be here for 5pm eastern standard time.  :)
Happy Day!


marie said...

At my house we call them galumkis (sp?). I have been craving them also! Your new design looks great.


moosecraft said...

Oh my! I have the fixin's for pigs though I was too lazy to make them today! Now you have me wishing I did! I absolutely LOVE this new design your stitching on! Sign me up for the pattern! :-) I'd like to keep reading about your stitching (and know when you release new patterns)... so, if the private blog will be replacing this blog, let me know.

Beautiful marigolds too... if the rabbits would stop eating mine I'd be a happy camper...

Happy Valley Primitives said...

I don't know how you'd do a private blog, but you could consider a private, by invitation only, group on Facebook. I've joined a few of these and they aren't visible to non members. You'd have to approve all of the members, so you'd have the control you are looking for.

And your new design looks so beautiful! I love all of the detailed stitching, even if I don't always make them up that way. It's nice to see the original designer's vision in full.


Jenny Bonynge said...

Oh dear! What a problem...I love your designs and this new piece is beautiful. I don't know about the cabbage roll-looking dish. Is there a vegetarian version out there? Take care...and remember we're not ALL loony! :0)

June said...

Good Morning, dinner looks so good! I have no information about a private blog. So sorry you have to deal with crazy people!! Love the new pattern, its a winner! I like to do all the fine detailed hand stitching. Will be watching for the pattern, and have a great fall!!! :)

Sue said...

Love the new design, looks so pretty!
I will look out for your new blog, Good Luck!

Helen said...

How long before the new design is completed? It looks amazing. I'd love to get a kit when you have it ready(hint,hint,...) Tedious stitching is also what I love to do. I'm working on a wall hanging now that has lots of it.


Caths Pennies said...

I've had a lot of requests for this design so far which surprises me.
I have the design completed but writing the detailed instructions for it is time consuming and not something that I've had to time to do lately! This has been put on the back-burner for now. I'll get it done because it's just too pretty to not share, but it won't be until after Christmas, unfortunately.

Sweet Sue said...

Gee Cath, sorry I'm so slow catching up here, but you've prolly discovered you can create a new blog as private, and you'd need to invite your readers, it's just a setting choice. Hope "crazy" has been giving you a break lately. Those piggies in crockpot would have lasted about 5 minutes in our house, bunch of Ukranians here, I'd have a couple then wait and fill my tummy with strudel:)