Monday, September 30, 2013

Snowman In The Pine Tree?!

I discovered the oddest thing in our pine tree outside.  Here's what I see when I look out the window while I'm working at the computer.  Do you see anything odd in the tree?
No?  Well, admittedly, I don't see it that well either, but while I work on the computer, since I'm near-sighted, I don't have my glasses on.  Looking out the window, without my glasses, I saw a snowman in the pine tree.

Look closer ... do you see the snowman in the area of the red box?  No? Yeah, it's not real clear to me either.
But, without my glasses .. I see a perfect, detailed snowman.
 This picture shows where the snowman is in the tree. The camera is not able to capture the blurred image that I see, so only the snowman outline is apparent.
 Without my glasses on, I see the details of the face and the long green scarf around his neck.  I even see buttons going down the center of the snowman. I also see a wide belt around his waist.
What you see in this picture is just a mere outline compared to what I see without my glasses.
It's amazing to me and as I'm typing this, without my glasses on, I can look out at that tree and smile, because I see that very large, detailed snowman smiling back at me.
If only it were an image of Jesus  ....  never mind.  :)

This kind of thing happens to me frequently and it's not like I'm staring at a cloud trying to figure out what shape it might be.  I just see it, without studying or staring.  The image just appears.
I even mentioned in my one blog posting how the eraser marks formed the image a standing mouse which showed me exactly how to draw it. was eraser marks from a dirty eraser that created this standing mouse for my "Popcorn Treats" design.
I always marvel at the things that I see, and always try to go back to the same spot to see if I see the same thing again...and sure enough, every single time, I still see the image that has formed just for my eyes to see.
There's this spot on our bathroom floor tile upstairs ... a lady with a pretty hat...gosh, maybe it's a sign of senility...
I know I could never be a radiologist because looking at any x-rays, I can see things like balloons or flowers, etc.  I'd have to tell my patients .."the reason you have headaches is because you have dancing clowns in your head" and then I'd draw the outline to reassure my patient that everything will be ok once we figure out how to get the clowns to stop dancing.

Ok, I'm going back to work now.  Since the snowman in the tree keeps distracting me, I thought I'd take a little break to share him with all of you.
I'm trying to finish up the instructions for my newest design. I think I'm going to call this new one "White Christmas".  I should have it ready to sell soon so check back later in the week!

Happy Day Everyone!



Anonymous said...

There's a name for that ability to see faces in things. I don't know what that name is but I imagine it's in Google somewhere.
I bought your Popcorn Treats pattern and I'm just about done with it. The popcorn looks so real, I want to eat it!
Judy Travis

Friendship Crossing said...

Wow! You must really have a vivid imagination ~ that is not where I thought the snowman was! LOL (I thought he was in between the trees, where the white is showing) Ha!

I love the dancing clowns comment! How funny!

Can't wait to see your next design!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Yes, that's a vivid imagination!!! I too, thought it was that white spot between the trees.
Iwrote you on the previous letter and the code didn't come up!!!! ARRGGHH
Anywho, if I would have read my blogs back then, I would have been there for the pigs!!! Love pigs.
Love your new's gorgeous. Wish I had time to do that kind of work.
How have you been?
Fine here. Been busy with etsy.
Happy Thanksgiving!!