Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Taxes Of Our LIves!

It's such a gorgeous day today and my plans for this morning were to go outside and clean up around my vegetable and flower gardens.

However, that was not to be!  I had completely forgotten about paying my business quarterly taxes.
I actually panicked slightly this morning when I realized what the date was because normally they're due right on the 15th so I would have been a day late with payment.  Fortunately, for some reason, the due date is Monday.

So, yes, I spent this morning writing checks. Federal, State and Local quarterly taxes are now paid and will soon be mailed and on the way.

Anyone that has a business knows about the quarterly estimated taxes.  For many years, I did the bookkeeping and payroll for our church so I have a set routine for my business bookkeeping.  Even so, it's such a nuisance.

I'm really OCD when it comes to bookkeeping too.  I have to have everything balanced right up to the very penny.  If it's off, the OCD in me forces me to go over it and over it and over it until I find the error.
So I'm OCD about bookkeeping but I lack the ability to actually remember when the quarterly taxes are due.  I mean, it's obvious that the quarterly taxes are due on the 15th in April, June, September and January (my PA sales tax payment is due twice a year), but I never remember until either I'm late or on the day it's due.
So to remedy that issue....
I wrote reminders to myself on every single stinkin' one of our calendars in our house this morning. This hopefully will remind me to get these quarterly taxes done at least a day ahead of time.  :)

Time will tell if it works.  Most likely it will because those reminders on the calendars will remind my husband who will then remind me.
He's pretty OCD himself about some things....won't go into that but it's just another reason why we have been married for 40 years.  His OCD blends nicely with my OCD.

Ok!  The sunshine and birdies are calling me.  I need to go outside to get some much needed work done in my gardens.
Happy Sunshine-filled Day!
"Be a Little Kinder Than Necessary"


Anonymous said...

you could put a reminder in your iphone to let you know.

Caths Pennies said...

That's a really good idea!
I don't use an Iphone. Mine is an android Samsung Galaxy. I'm not sure how to do that but I'll Google to find out! These phones can do just about anything now, can't they?! :)

Tim Norton said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned note on a calendar to remind you of the REALLY important events in life, like having to pay taxes...All kidding aside, it's great that you can be so organized. Millions of American tax payers probably wish they could do the same and not get hit with those late payment penalties!