Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cats and Wool Shouldn't Be Mixed!

It's been my intentions for some time now to clean and tidy up the sewing room. Most of my wool is stored in there and as each project comes and goes, the wool gets more and more disorganized with wool scraps laying about.
I just haven't had the time lately to devote to straightening it all out though. Clever idea! ... I thought that perhaps leaving the door opened to that room so that I could actually SEE the mess as I walked by would be a better incentive to get the time to work in there.
Bad idea though! This is what I saw when I walked past yesterday morning. Our dear sweet cat found a comfortable sleeping place on my white wool!
This is definitely a BIG no-no. Thankfully she's an inside cat ... scared to go outside, so she doesn't have fleas or critters that might jump out of her fur into my wool, but she does have thick fluffy FUR. And that fur loves to stick to my wool.
Thankfully, just a quick shake of the wool was all that was needed to get the kitty fur off but the door will stay closed again until I get a chance to put the wool in a safer area.
I used to keep the wool stored under the bed in there so there wasn't enough room for her to sleep on it but Rachel took the bed to use in her apartment at school so all the bins of wool are now sitting out, unprotected. Her favorite sleeping spot ... on the bed right by the window is gone now, so poor kitty is without a viewing window so I guess the next best thing is a pile of thick warm wool to sleep on. I'll have to come up with some solution to this problem so that she can have her window back AND so that she stays away from my wool!
I've been sewing and sewing and sewing ... working on some orders. I have so many ideas going through my head of what projects I'm going to do next so I'm anxious to get the orders finished so that I can get started on more pumpkins and turkeys and scarecrows.

This is a rough drawing of what will be my next project for a penny rug tablerunner. "Guarding the Pumpkin Patch" is something that I drew a few years ago. I found this drawing in the messy sewing room which goes to show ... who knows what other treats I might find it there if I would just take the time to organize it!
Anyway, it's just a rough drawing so I'll have to adjust the size and redo some details to make it work for a tablerunner. I'm excited to get started on it though. I also have a tablerunner drawing for a saltbox house with pumpkins and sunflowers and tree .... I have this sunflower obsession right now so everything I draw seems to manage to have at least a few sunflowers in it!

I get to watch the grandson a few days this week for a little bit because Jen has started back with her teaching job. Jen is a ESL teacher ... that stands for English as a Second Language. She loves her job and it's perfect for her personality. She has one-on-one time with each of her assigned students. Some of them speak virtually no English at all and she gets the tough task of teaching it to them. I really have so much admiration for what she does because ... sheesh .. where does one even start when it comes to teaching someone a new language?
But anyway, her schedule allows her to finish up by 3 pm or so everyday, so it works really well with her husband's schedule. I will watch him for a few days every week for just a few hours over at their house. It's perfect for me because most of that time he will be napping so I'll take my sewing projects to work on while he sleeps.

And while speaking of Jen, the #1 daughter, I'll mention Rachel, the #2 daughter ... I wrote in my previous post about Rachel calling me a "stalker mom" because I wanted to know her class schedule for each day. She loves to tease me ... well not really teasing ... she actually makes fun of me for assorted things, but it's all good natured and I know that she knows that I'm not really a "stalker mom". BUT ....

I think she might be a stalker daughter.

She wrote a comment in that post. Now, of course, both my daughters read my blog .. it gives them more ammunition to make fun of me ... but that in itself, I wouldn't consider STALKING.
However, Rachel wrote that comment in my blog while sitting in the Charlotte airport on a layover going to Alabama with her Volleyball team.
Think about it now .. of all the things a 20 year old girl could be doing in an airport, on a layover, you would think that the very LAST thing on her mind to do to kill time would be visiting, reading, and commenting on my blog.
That either means:
1. She's sooooo extremely bored with absolutely nothing else to do OR
2. She's a stalker daughter!
You decide. :)
Happy Day everyone!


The French Bear said...

Ha ha, Cathy you are so funny!!! As for the cat hair, you could just felt it into the wool, like it belonged there!!!! Hehe, I love your work, do you just sell on ebay or do you have a shop? I love the fall drawings you are doing, some wonderful things are happening there!!!! Can't wait to see them!
Margaret B

Last Comment EVER. said...

Ugh. This will be my last comment ever. That's what you get for making fun of me.

Maybe you should just take the bed back so Skits can have her viewing spot?

Anonymous said...

Cathy, you ARE NOT allowed to go so long between blogs! I actually have to do real work when I go to work! I realize that you are really busy with the wool projects ... and they look great....but there are 24 hours in the day. You don't need to sleep!

Love your new design idea....why oh why did you get all the creativity.

PS I vote for stalker daughter, I sometimes think they like to live vicariously through us and our boring, mundane lives.

Casserole Carol

Lisa said...

She loves her mommy! Or she is making sure you aren't in jail for picking protected flowers! hehe
Your cat is too funny! Love your new work!
Hugs, Lisa

Anne said...

Just found your blog and I'm also a wool lover. My kitty also loves it! LOL I've bookmarked you and I'll be back.

Tolentreasures said...

Too funny about the stalker daughter. My girls all read my blog. I think that they just want to get first dibs on what they "need" for their homes.


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hahaha! After reading your post, I also read the comment above, so obviously by daughter #2! Too funny!

Skittles is adorable, but I can understand you not wanting kitty hair on your wool. She/he needs a comfy bed on one of those slings that attaches to the window sill.

Your works in progress look great! Your work is meticulous and amazing!

Have a great week!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Michael and Corrie read my blog and my oldest son Nick commented a couple weeks ago that he read my blog and was impressed, couldn't have said anything more to make me happy, both are super busy with teaching and coaching:)
I'd say your daughter just wants to stay close but doesn't want to admit it:) Enjoy her!