Thursday, September 17, 2009

Newest Penny Rug and Ebay Dislike

You would think that after all the REAL fencing that's been put up on our property over the summer, that I wouldn't want to make a penny rug with a fence but look here! Yes, it's more fence.
Actually, the last time we went to Lowes, they have this nice textured dark fencing made of vinyl that looks soooo nice, I'd really love to have some of that put up by our driveway. Hubby, since he's the one that actually does all the work installing the fence, pulled me, very quickly, away from the fencing area and very firmly said "NO".
So I'll let it go ... for now .... until next summer!
Anyway, back to the penny rug. Progress is coming along on it but I still have lots to do. Hopefully, I'll get it done by next Sunday so that I can Ebay it. I have plans for matching little pinkeeps/pillows for it, but it just depends on how much time is put into this. I might just want to move on to something different because this one is going to be tedious with all the details. I had so much fun making that scarecrow. It makes me want to do more of them ... different but yet the same. We'll see.

We went to a Pittsb. Pens game the other night. We had some pretty decent seats too. So much fun ... and such a great crowd too ... so different from the crowds at Steeler games. I'm kicking myself for not remembering to take my camera though. This pic was taken from my cellphone but Sydney Crosby right there in the picture and I could tell from my zoom closeup that he was looking right at me just about the entire game. Yes he was.

I was going to rant about Ebay, but ya know ... it's just wasted energy. But just briefly ... The newest thing that they are doing is the badge of greatness called "top rated seller". Anyone that meets the qualifications gets that highly visible badge on their listings. I don't qualify for the badge because I haven't sold over 100 items in the last year. That's the only reason.
I'm close ... 99 sales to be exact. I don't have a problem with not getting the badge if only the exact reasons were shown for how it is earned, but the badge gives the impression that the only reason why it's awarded is because the seller:

*Consistently receives highest buyers' ratings
*Ships items quickly
*Has earned a track record of excellent service
Yeap, that's what the badge says on the listings. So that gives the impression that with me not getting the highly prominent badge on my listings, I don't meet those three criteria. But I do! I just don't have over 100 sales. Blah ... I wish I could say I'm done with Ebay. But I'm not so I have to put up with their dictatorship.
I've been doing well with Ebay so hopefully, this won't hurt my sales.
Happy Day everyone!


Char said...

nice rug starting!

and Ebay....well, that is just a story in its self!...HATE, HATE, HATE THAT PLACE!

paulette said...

Hi Cath!
LOve your penny rugs! Just a quick question- do you put something behind the pumpkins to puff them up a bit? I love the effect. Well done!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

What a great penny rug! Love the scarecrow with all the details.

Christine said...

The scarecrow is so whimsical I love him. As ever in admiration of your talents.
Best wishes

The French Bear said...

Can we just buy from you? Can you sell from your blog, I heard that others do, I want to sell my things but I really do not want to use ebay. I love your work, it is exquisite!!!
even though I usually cheer for the Oilers, I secretly love Sid the kid!!!!! I cheered for him last year too!!!
The Dutchman's cousin plays for Calgary Flames now so I can't cheer for him!!! Well not out loud anyway!
Margaret B

Lisa said...

Sorry ebay is so crappy to all you guys! Thats why I buy direct! ;) You have been a busy girl!
Hugs, Lisa