Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Blueberries!

I'll get business out of the way first and then it'll be BLUEBERRY TIME!

I've finished up the Wildflower shelf pillows and will be Ebay listing them tonight.

Golden Rod and Queen Annes Lace! We have them growing everywhere along the border of the woods and I love how they look from a distance.
This Black-Eyed Susan Candle Mat was Ebay listed last night. I made this with a black background a month or so ago(shown here) and loved it so much that I thought I'd try it with a light background too. For a month now, I've had this one pinned up and hanging in my dining room to admire, but it's time to sell. If it happens to not sell, I won't be disappointed. :)

Ok, now on to Blueberries.....
I always thought the blueberry season in our area was around the first part of July or so. But my little blueberry plant that I planted just last year, has had little unripe green berries virtually all summer long. Since last week, the berries have now started ripening and it's so wonderful!
Our granson, all summer, when he comes to visit, takes a walk around our property with his Pap, picking berries. First of the season to ripen were the black raspberries. We had a bushel of them this year and his chin was always purple from the juice. After the black raspberries were finished, then came the blackberries. There weren't as many blackberries but he knew right where to go to get the big juicy ones. Again, his chin was purple from the juice.
He was so disappointed when that season was over and all the berries were gone, but now ....
Oh the excitement to see that there are some blueberries to pick!
You can see, it's just a tiny plant, only about a foot high, but it's just full of blueberries. I've picked a dozen or so already and he has picked about 6 more of them and it looks like he'll be able to pick a dozen or so more the next time he comes over.
I planted the two tiny blueberry plants in the fall last year. The other plant is about 4 feet away from the other one, but it has no berries. I think the Daylily is too close to it, giving it too much shade so I'll going to transplant that Daylily to another spot and hopefully next year, this one will thrive like the other blueberry plant.

Since I had my camera outside this morning, I thought I'd take a picture of something that I have to laugh about everytime I see it in the garage......
This ... umm ... THING has been hanging out in the garage for YEARS!
It used to hang in my dining room for years before that. My husband and children hated it, calling it "the weed". It has been so hated that it's been mocked, it's been scorned, it's been threatened to be thrown in a bonfire.
But, I liked it.
I had originally bought it a a craft fair. I don't know what the branches are ... perhaps grapevines, but looking at the picture now, it is pretty ugly. But, I liked it back then and it stayed hanging in our dining room for ... I dunno ... probably 5-8 years or so!
Until the time came that I changed the color scheme from blue to green. Then, it came down from the wall and I gave my hubby permission to burn it.
It went out to the garage, waiting to finally be put to death.
But ...
For some reason, and I never asked him why ...
Hubby hung it up in his garage.
I don't know why it's still there. I don't know why he never burned it. I just know that it's there and I see it each and everytime I pull my car into the garage because it's right there in front of my parking space.
It really has held up pretty well over the years.
I think that I might just put some new dried flowers on it, add a fresh new bow and then just wait to see if he notices anything different.
It's not my weed anymore, it's his weed and I'm going to make it better for him!
Happy Day everyone!


Christine said...

Hello, Cath, so pleased to meet you in Blogland! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I appreciate your taking the time to follow and please be sure your always welcome!
I've been reading through your past posts to get all the help I can. Your work is truly awesome! Beautiful.
Best wishes, Christine

Lisa said...

Wow you are busy! Love the pillows!
Hugs, Lisa

Tolentreasures said...

Great post! Why do we see those things for years and not notice them!


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Your penny mat and pillows are so nice! I'm sure they will sell fast.

Too funny about the "weed." I had something similar a long time ago too, before we moved. My aunt wanted it when we were packing up, and I gladly gave it to her. LOL!

Enjoy your day!

Suzanne said...

Cathy (Tole 'n Treasures) gave us a peek at your creations and I had to come see for myself. Love the things you made for her and that Candle Mat is incredible. Really beautiful!
- Suzanne

Anonymous said...

I thought I gave that wreath to you as a birthday gift...many, many years ago. I always liked it, but it is a bit dated now.

I lady in Chippewa had a craft shop in her house. You had to cross a covered bridge to get to her. She sold all kinds of old things and it was all over the rooms of her house, even the bathroom and shed in the back. I always wondered how she could keep her house clean enough to show to people every day. I guess 'cause there were no small kids.

casserole Carol