Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Idea Bursts or Am I Crazy Insane?

My camera is still out of comission so no pictures showing what I'm doing but I can show pictures of what other people are doing, can't I?

So last night, I took some time to try to catch up on some other blogs. I'll tell you, there's some amazing talent out there in blogland. The internet might seem vast, but my group of blog friends make it so friendly and cozy, I could spend hours and hours and hours just visiting, getting new ideas and inspired. My blog friends have given me helpful tips and hints like how to use vinegar to break apart glued wood. I get terrific recipes and inspiring decorating ideas. But mostly, it's just the friendships that build over time, getting to know people who share the same common interests as me. I know I can always find help and support with anything now. All I have to do is type and the help comes pouring in. How unexpectantly wonderful!
BTW, thank you to those of you who told me how to fix my header up there ... I'll go try it now. Now, will one of you come to my house and show me how to use all the features on my new coffeemaker?!
And thank you to those who gave helpful suggestions for a new camera. Very helpful indeed.

So anyway.
I've posted recently and a while back about the ideas in my head. I get inspired by different things and ideas just pop in my head ... I get flashes of images behind my eyes. Am I crazy or what? Please tell me if you know what I'm talking about. When I get those flashes of images, I grab up some paper and quickly draw it on a scrap of paper so that I don't forget it. The image is so clear that I can even see the colors. Ok, just typing that does make it seem like I might be crazy.......
So last night I went to bed and while trying to get to sleep, I started getting a lot of image flashing. The first one that really got my attention was oddly, Penguins. No, not the Pittsburgh Pens hockey team, silly. Real penguins. So I had to get up and draw that real quick. I don't think penguins fit into primitive style candle mats well, but ya never know. Maybe I can.
Ok, so I got back to bed, settle in and POP! There's another image flash. This time it's a grouping of snowmen singing Chrismas songs ... I guess they were Caroling ... no not Casserole Caroling. :) (had to get that in and I can hear my daughters and Carol groaning and rolling their eyes right now.)
So that grouping of snowmen will turn into a nice tablerunner with the design on both sides. I didn't bother getting up to draw that one. I was just too tired, but it's stuck in my head now so I'll take time later to draw it.
I woke up this morning as hubby got ready for work and realized that I had dreamed about fireplaces and a design using the EXACT same fireplace that I read about on Raggedy Angel's blog .

This is her picture on her blog. Isn't that fireplace just wonderful? She'll tell the story about how she redid that fireplace, just go to her blog to read.

So yes, I dreamed about her fireplace and I dreamed about the penny rug design I'm going to make from that fireplace, as long as it's ok with Raggedy Angel, of course.

My dream had this fireplace with filled Christmas stockings hanging down and lots of goodies up there in the trencher on the mantel... The goodies are so enticing that some mice have decided to have a feast. (eeks, I'm SURE she really doesn't have mice scurrying around on her mantel).

I was so excited about this design that I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and drew it out on paper. You'll just have to imagine it for now because I've no camera to take the picture for it.

Ok, so NOW ... sorry, this is getting long, isn't it? I checked my email and discovered why I was having such wonderul idea bursts in my head last night.

My Ebay fairy, named Mary, was responsible for my newest design ideas. She cast her magical wishes on me and I didn't even know it, but it worked! She wrote: "I hope you have a dream-filled night of wools and patterns"

I did, Mary! I did!

Now how incredibly cool is that?!?! Thank you Mary. You are a blessing to me and I'm grateful for your help and support yesterday.

I really do have the BEST Ebay customers. I can curse Ebay for a lot of things, but my wonderful repeat customers are what keep me from leaving Ebay.

Speaking of Ebay, and again, since I can't share my pictures, I will share some designer names that I think are wonderful.

I hope to have either my camera fixed or a new camera purchased today. *crosses fingers hoping that I find the time*

Happy Day everyone!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just beautiful mats and your very lucky to have these kind of "flashes" instead of the hot ones:)

I have to go and see what the comments were on a camara!

Lisa said...

I love your finds! The fireplace is great!
Hugs, Lisa

Raggedy Angel said...

No you are not crazy....well maybe you are....but so am I! When I get fired up with an idea I can't think of anything else! I save pictures I love to my computer background so I can dream !!!!
I am so flatered that you love it to....I stop and stare at it because I am so happy with it.
I love those penny rugs! I need to try my hand at one.
Thank you! Beth

the primitive country bug said...

What a fun post this was to read. I just love how all those incredible ideas just bounce around in your head and you draw them all out. It's truly awe inspiring!
How thoughtful of you to share your friends pennies with us too, they're adorable!! Love that pumpkin one. I like your new header too. It's so very perfect for your blog.
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

ps. I hope you get a new camera soon. :)

appleberrycottage said...

I can't help you with the coffee maker, as I only drink Diet Coke! :)

I have to agree that there are lots of great ideas/patterns/people on blogland (and ebay). I admire so many things that others do.

Here's one for you: take the patterns you are selling, and take an image to turn into an ornament. It could be a smaller pattern, and additional freebie, or purchase in combination.