Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Dear, The Camera Might Finally Be Dead

I've no pictures to share today. My Kodak camera, the one that I've depended on for oh .... 4 years now to do all the work, has finally bit the dust, I think.

The camera works fine but the connector hole where the plug goes in to connect it to the computer is broken. The plug won't stay in. For the last few weeks, when uploading pics to my computer, I'd have to wiggle and hold the plug in a certain way just to get it to connect. Now wiggle, pushing and shoving won't work.

I guess I'll go see how much it would take to get it fixed but I'm thinking it might be better just to break down and buy a new camera. I've never really been happy with this one. It's very moody. I'm not a medical professional but I've diagnosed my camera as being Bi-Polar. The behaviors are very similiar so I needn't go into any further details.

Soooo if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations about what camera to purchase, please help because I know NOTHING about cameras. Zilch. It's like a different language to me when I read the features on the camera boxes.
I just need a basic camera with a decent zoom on it. I don't need all the fancy settings...simply because I'll never read the instructions so I'll never learn how to use those features.
haha ... We bought a new coffee maker last week and I read the instructions only as far as I needed to tell me how to brew the darn coffee. It has a bunch of other features I'd like to try, but I never get around to reading how to use it.

Ohhh and another example ... take a look up there ^^on my blog page. See where the Cath's Pennies banner extends over the center white area? I know there's a way to fix that to make it fit, but I just never take the time to go in there to read the instructions that will tell me how to do that. So there it stays, probably forever, or until someone else fixes it for me, which will never happen.
There ya go... the ONLY thing that keeps me from being a perfect individual is that I hate to read instructions. :)
So anyway, any camera will be exactly the same way which is why I just need the basics on it.
And I'd like to try to keep the price under $200.

...and of course, I'd love it if it didn't have major mood swings.

What kind of camera do you have and are you happy with it?

Happy Day everyone!


Char said...

I have a Kodak is a little more advanced...only reason I know that is...I HAD to read the instructions to find out how to work it! don't just point and shoot for every shot!...more advanced then I was hoping for in the beginning..but, I love it now!

As for the header..just go back into customize and in your header...when you put your picture in...check the box marked...shrink to fit...that should fix it!

appleberrycottage said...

I just got the snowman penny rug pattern today! I now need to get some wool.

To make the header fit, there's a box to check. Now if I can fix the writing on mine to make it black...

I have a Canon Powershot A610 (almost 4 years old). I LOVE it! My kids have a newer Canon Powershot A590is. They do a nice job, too. has some good deals on cameras. Be careful on what memory cards you get with the new cameras. The new technology uses HC (high capacity) cards, which sped up the lag time on my kids cameras. Some of the old cards can slow down the lag time between shots.


Charlene said...

Oh I feel your pain. If you see this post & I think the one before it... my camera was on the blink too & I did some posts & got some great info. Feel free to go back & see the comments I got from different folks in BLOG LAND! They were all so sweet & helpful. What camera do you have? I had the Kodak Easy Share M853. If it is the same I would be happy to give you my cable.

Lisa said...

Oh i love my Kodak easy share! I got a cute pink one from ebay for $45! It is a refurb. And I didn't get the soft ware or the cable. BUT I use a memory card and have a reader for it for my computer so I don't need the easy share part! Software can be downloaded form Kodak any time! I did look up new ones and they are around $99! From Kodak. I am still using the same 2 cheep AA batteries I put in in Sept. to get me through my niece's birthday party and it is not even trying to tell me to put more in! I almost feel I wasted my money on the rechargeable ones I bought! ANYWAY it is also so super easy to use and I have used a wide range of ones at work and families and I wouldn't have any other! Good luck!
Hugs, Lisa