Friday, November 13, 2009

Warning! This Post Puts On Weight

Hooray! I have the patterns ready to mail!

Thank you so much to all those who have ordered this and the "Let It Snow" pattern from me. Your kind words of encouragement are what make this possible. Honestly, I'd much rather just sit and quietly sew whatever I feel like sewing instead of writing, drawing, measuring, printing, folding and packing. All the work has been worth it though because y'all are so supportive.

For all of you who have this ordered, your patterns will go out in the mail today.

I'll keep the presale price of $8.00 (including shipping) for the rest of today and then raise the price to include shipping costs.

I also have a big giveaway that I'll be announcing TOMORROW! Be sure to stop back to see what I'm giving away.

Today starts the day that I can get my sewing back to normal. No more pattern making for now ... I just want to create and sew and relax! The things I make aren't dictated by what's popular or what I think will sell. I create things from the visions in my head. Sometimes, they don't sell well ... sometimes they don't sell at all! But .. it doesn't matter to me because it's the satisfaction of seeing the finished piece turning out as nice OR even nicer than the vision of it in my head.

A couple days ago, I was out running errands. I had lots of stops to make and lots of things were running through my head about what all I had to get done for the day. My final stop was Micheals' Craft store to pick up some #5 DMC (that's thread for you non-stitchers). I went for the DMC first, and then continued to look around the store a bit. All their Christmas things are out now, so it was a good distraction for my racing brain.

Maybe too much of a distraction, because after I finished browsing, I walked right passed the checkout counter and out of the store ... WITH THE DMC IN MY HAND.

If they have security cameras, I wish I could see the look on my face when I walked through those doors, lifted my thieving hand up to my face and discovered, with horror, that I JUST STOLE DMC THREAD!

I think I might have given a little scream ... I know I said outloud "OH SH**T".

I did turn around and pay for that thread but after that incident, I knew that I better settle down and relax a bit. Trying to do too much in one day can have some BAD consequences. Thank you GOD for distracting security so that me, the nitwit, didn't get arrested.

See that subject line up there? I've given you fair warning. Here's another warning, if you continue reading past this point, you will gain weight. I'm sorry, it just can't be helped because sometimes gaining a pound or so IS SOOO MUCH WORTH IT!

Let me introduce you to ORAMS Donuts. Orams is your friend. Once you meet Orams, you will never be able to pass by the Oram home without stopping to visit. .......
Orams? Meet my blogging friends! .........

See those cinnamon roll donuts? Those are as big as your face. Seriously.
You gain weight just looking at these so that's why I felt the need to put the warning up there.
Hubby brought these home yesterday morning.
I didn't ask him WHY IN THE WORLD would he buy a dozen of these if there are only TWO of us eating them???????
Sheesh..... Ok, let's stop looking at them while typing and thinking how good they taste with coffee in the morning.

I really need to get the date stamp on my camera changed ... it's not december, folks.

Happy day everyone!


Christine said...

Congrats Cath, on getting another terrific pattern to print.
And as for those donuts I can't stop drooling! Do you think they'd send some airmail? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you can't eat all those donuts....I'll be right up to help you!

Mark likes the cream filled and I like that custard one with the chocolate icing.

You didn't tell everyone that you have to get there at least by 11:00 am or there aren't any good donuts left!

OH, I HATE YOU!...You are soooo mean! My mouth is watering...I'm so hungry!

Your favoriate sister
Casserole Carol

appleberrycottage said...

Have you ever used Moda wool felt? It's 80% wool compared to the National Non Wovens, which is 20% wool. It's hard to find 100% wool, so I'm wondering if the Moda is the next best thing.

WoolenSails said...

You did a great job on your patterns and I am glad they are doing well. I used to get a dozen and eat half of them;)


Brenda said...

OK, don't laugh but I was just reading right along and then I came across the box and thought, "Now what could be so special abut those donuts" and then I saw what was actually IN the box, LOL! My jaw dropped and I had to laugh, my next thought was, "OMG! Did I just breathe in 10,000 calories?", hahahaha!