Monday, June 28, 2010

I Do Not Allow It To Be Monday ….

It was such a beautiful weekend with good sunny days. The best thing about the weather this weekend was that it rained in the evenings and I like that because it means I don’t have to water my flowers or vegetable garden.

How wonderful would it be to be able to turn on the rain spigot to water our gardens every day?

Anway, it is Monday, which means hubby is working and I have lots of things to get finished today.

Over the weekend, even though I told myself that I would start drawing out my Fall design ideas, instead, I worked on the drawing that I did last month, just to get it down exactly on paper.

I roughly drew it back then thinking that I would be able to get it finished waaaay before July 4th and into a printed pattern to sell.

Didn’t make that goal, obviously.

100_4028 But I didn’t want to let a perfectly good design go to waste so I sat down and drew out the exact pattern for it. My plan was to store it away until next year but the color ideas for this got stuck in my head and I knew that I would have to get the dye pots out and experiment with getting just the right colors.

So, I should have this finished one ready to show in a few days. I probably won’t take the time to make it into a pattern for now, but at least it will be finished and ready to “patternize” at a later time.

I did manage to draw out some Fall design ideas too. Scarecrows.

That’s all I’m sayin’ :)

This weekend officially started the house revamping, with hubby in charge.

We’ve lived here in our home for ohhh …34 years so the aluminum siding on the house is waaaay older than that. We had it painted about 10 years ago and we probably could get it painted again because actually the siding is in really nice condition even with how old it is.

But we decided to just get new siding on it instead. We’re getting the same Amish guys who did our roof to do all the work for us.

Before that can be done though, hubby wants to do some things on his own before the new siding is installed.

So, he insisted that I get some “before” pictures.

100_4025a You’d think that with him standing right beside me while I was taking the pictures, that he could restrain himself from OPENING THE GARAGE DOOR RIGHT AS I WAS SNAPPING THE PICTURE …..

ok, I’m done yelling at him now.

SO most of his work will be done with the garage part of our house.

The garage door and the three windows above the garage door will be replaced.

The little side door beside the garage door will be replace too.

This little garage door has been needing a replacement for a long time, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally going to happen.

Although, I would love to keep this door and do something with it, primitive style, as decoration, somewhere.

100_4026 I mean, this door has some history. It’s ooooold old.

So, I need some suggestions from you primitive experts. I need some ideas of how I can use this old door as a primitive decoration outside, either in my flower garden or actually anywhere, outside.

Any ideas?

The door replacement probably won’t be for another few weeks, so, I hope to have a really good, solid decorating idea for it to present to hubby, right as he’s taking it off and right BEFORE he throws it into the dumpster.

I know, KNOW, that when I tell him I wish to keep the door, he’s going to get that look on his face … that look that let’s me know that he’s going to soon have me committed, because surely I’m insane.

Do all husbands have “that” look?


Looking at this picture, I suddenly realize that both Jen and Rachel will most likely agree with their dad on this one.

My only hope is to have support from my fellow bloggers.

The fate of this door is up to all of you now. :)

Happy Day everyone!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh that patriotic candle mat looks soooo cute Cathie!
I'm not the right one to advise you on what to do with the door, but I agree, it has another life.

Sandi said...

Ah, the door. I would make it into a bench in your garden but if your husband is like mine, that might not "fly". I had two lovely old wooden headboards for a twin bed and another similar one for a double bed. They were just $2 each at our church garage sale years ago. I bought them because I saw a garden bench in them. I could not convince my husband that this was a good idea. In a recent basement clean-up, I finally gave in and let them go. Our SIL took them to the Salvation Army because my husband thought he'd just cut them up and burn them. I think not! I let the headboards go because I have tons of picture frames I picked up at garage sales and have plans for them. It was a "choose your battle" situation. LOL!