Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Designs: Stars and Stuff

I’m not really going to officially call this new design “Stars and Stuff”.  I just don’t know what else to call it right now so that’s a temp name. 

This is quite a bit late getting finished but it’s been rattling around in my head for a few months. Since the rough draft has been shuffled around on a scrap of paper for a little over a month I thought that it’d be best to take the time to make it so that I wouldn’t lose interest and then completely forget about it for years … (that’s happened before)

I’ve actually even completely forgotten about designs of finished things that I’ve made and sold.  It’s only until I come across pictures on my old computer that I think “oh, I made that!” and surprise myself.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve come up with now …

100_4043 As I’m drawing out this design, I can see it in my head with these colors …  a nice mottled navy blue with primitive mottled brown stars.

I’ve always liked the look of deep blues with browns.  It’s a perfect prim color combination.

Of course, when I turn this into a pattern to sell and you purchase the pattern, I’ll be interested to see what other colors look nice with this design.  I think the traditional primitive deep reds, whites and blues would go nicely too.

100_4042 This design will be one of those easy and quick designs to make.  Not a lot of little pieces to stitch and it requires only the blanket stitch .. not a single other embroidery stitch is required.

I’m not planning to make this into a pattern right now though.  It’s going to have to wait until next spring or so.  

I really need to get a head start on new fall designs.  I have scarecrow legs to draw just perfect before I can show you the new idea I have for a fall candlemat.  :)


Soooooo … you blog people have been of little assistance with helping me to figure out a way to save the ooooold door on our garage.

Thank you Sandi, for the suggestion to turn it into a bench.  I gave that serious thought  but I’m not sure if it’s going to be sturdy enough to use as a bench for sitting but it might work as a garden bench to hold potted flowers and things.  

I did suddenly have an idea though and snatched up the nearest empty white paper, which just so happened to be Sandi’s little note that she sent me in the mail.  Sorry, Sandi, I hope you don’t mind that I used your sweet note card to draw on. :)

So here’s my idea that I presented to my husband. 

100_4051 We have a stockade type fence that needs repaired along the one side of our concrete driveway.  There’s a basketball hoop in front of it so the fence is nice in that it keeps/stops the basketball from rolling into the woods.  Since the fence was knocked over slightly from a wind storm and tree damage, it will need some work done to straighten it back into position. 

So I think that perhaps sitting the door at a slight angle at the end of the fence would work really nicely.  The angle of the door would enable hubby to store the unsightly garbage can behind it too.

That was just a quick rough sketch.   Here’s what I actually presented to hubby to break the news to him about keeping the old door instead of throwing it into the dumpster…..

100_4052 The fence is much longer than this, and it will have a basketball pole right in the center of the garden area, but this is good enough to give him a sense of the idea.

I wouldn’t say that he was enthused with the idea.  I did get the “you must be crazy” eye roll, disgusted look from him when I first told him but the picture really helped to back up my idea.  Showing pictures of the plans always helps because men tend to block out words, especially words that pertain to making more work for them to do.

So I’ve won!  He did agree to keeping the door and turning it into a decorative garden door.  I hope to have this done by late fall, simply because something does have to be done with the fence before winter strucks it down.

I’m going to work outside today to get that area cleared of the overgrown perennials. 

And, I have scarecrow legs to draw too!


Happy Day everyone!

Oh, I’m planning a nice little giveaway very soon too … keep watch!


Leslie said...

I love the new design, Cath :) I'm a bit partial to stars, though! lol Very nice!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The stars are great! I never thought of navy and brown, but that may be what I do when you complete the pattern.
Your idea for the door looks awesome, but I can see my husband rolling his eyes too if I suggested that.

Michele said...

Hi Cath!
I am "Wishing Upon a Star" with this awesome new design!
I also adore your sketch for giving that old door new life!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great star penny the prim look to this one!
Looks like an awesome idea for the door.

Linda said...

The new design is beautiful. I LOVE navy and brown...and the simple primitive look. Your centerpiece sets it off to perfection. Please don't forget about this one!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love your new design. "Beautiful"
And I love the idea for the door.

Sandi said...

I don't mind at all that you used my card for your sketch. When inspiration comes, use whatever works! LOL! I am just happy that your hubby was convinced to go with your idea. Perhaps if I had drawn a sketch of my idea for a garden bench from those headboards, they might be gracing my garden right now. Thanks for the tip! You are so right about men and words. LOL! Oh, love the star penny mat!

Sheila said...

I really like your star candle mat! Simple enough I might be able to try to do since I've not done much of it.
The sketch with the old door and fence is awesome and can't wait to see the finished product. You are right about giving men a picture to follow-I get the same eye roll thing from mine too!
Have a wonderful day!
Seasons of Thy Heart blog

Violet said...

I wanted to pop in say that I like the candle mat and I like the name too!

Lois said...

Love the new candle mat!!!! Why not Patriotic Star Candle Mat????

And like what you've come up with the door. Looks great on paper!!! lol.

I should be outside too, but working on some new things to see if they're going to work.

Lois L.

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

I love this Cath! Awesome, pattern soon??? Michelle

Tanya said...

NO, NO, NO, you can't make us wait till next spring for that darling star candle mat! It would fit in great w/my decor!!! Please don't make us wait!!! wahhhh!!! LOL

The garden door was a very creative idea!!! You might have started something! ha