Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blueberries! (and learning from my mistakes)

Ever since I did the giveaway for the Blueberry pinkeep, I’ve been getting requests for the finished ones.  I just don’t have the time right now to fill those requests but I did manage to get one finished.


I always enjoy making these but it is time consuming to make each one of those berries and stuff them so it’s difficult to get just one pinkeep finished.

Anyway, I’ve decided to list the finished one on Ebay with the starting price of just 99 cents.

I used to do a lot of 99 cent Ebay listings just because it’s so much fun to watch the bidding wars.  Every once in a while I would get stung with a low final selling price but even then, the winner is soooo thrilled with their marvelous bargain, that I can’t help be happy for them.

I only wish I had the time to do more 99 cent auctions…they’re so much fun.

If you want to watch and see how the bidding goes on this, just CLICK HERE to find the listing.

The auction ends next Monday, so keep an eye on it to see what happens.  If you want to bid on it to help it along, I certainly wouldn’t mind that either!


Ok, now.  UP there in the Title heading it says “learning from my mistakes”

Gosh, I made a big one yesterday in my post. 

Now, see, I’m really careful about not saying BAD things about people on here.  (you Ebay sellers who steal my designs are considered POO though)  But, I was saying good things yesterday and STILL got into trouble with my precious Rachel.

I learned right from the start to not post pictures of her on here without her approval.  Not that I would show any pictures that would depict her as anything but lovely, charming and delightful, but you know how females can be and I certainly understand why she would not want certain pictures shown to the entire internet world so I do respect her wishes, (even though I’m so tempted to someday show that one from middle school with her on the school gym floor with a death grip on a basketball that another player was trying to get from her.)

So yesterday, without thinking, I posted a little something about her finishing her internship at a certain particular place that has lots of animals and which is located in a large city just a little south of our home. 

Little did I know that the marketing department where she worked has a cute little program on their computers that brings up any and all mention of their establishment  during that day.  I marvel at that ability, because really, how cool is that to have a program that will show everyone in the world who mentions your name during the day?

So, naturally, when I mentioned the place where she worked in my blog post yesterday, at least one person in that marketing department and quite possibly the entire marketing department, read my blog and what I said about my precious Rachel.

Rachel found out about this when she read the email from the someone in the marketing department, which, I think, teased her about her mom’s blog.

I found out about it when I came home last night from the store. 

The minute I walked in the house, I got a very stern “Mom” and then silence, which was a very clear indication that whatever it was that she wanted to tell me, was not going to be good.

So anyway, hello marketing department and all those who have worked with Rachel in that very large establishment that has lots of large animals in a large city just south of where we live.  Rachel loves every single one of you and loved it so much there, she’s willing to work there forever, for FREE!  Can you set up a bed for her somewhere?

Sorry Rach.  I do and will learn from my mistakes.

……But really, writing nice things about her that get me in trouble does NOT mean that I have to be required make it up to her by massaging her sore feet.


Happy Day everyone!


Shirley said...

I love your blue berry pin keep. It is so cute. I have so wanted to try some of your patterns, but I just don't have the time to do everything that I want to do with working full time, being a primary caregiver, having an etsy shop, and a booth in an antique mall. I so love reading blogs which is one of my stress relievers. Kids are funny, but mom's do like to bragg acout what they do. I know about getting in trouble with mine. Have a great day. Back to work.

MosaicMagpie said...

The lesson you learned was worse than the one I learned. Mine only involved pictures from my blog being lost.
I have a daughter that works in a place where they to can see every internet post that mentions their name. Which gives me an idea...I have lots of photos that she wouldn't want shown. Just kidding, I don't want to learn another lesson so soon.

Bari Jo said...

LOVE the pinkeep! Yay! Thanks for posting this! :O) have a great day! :O) Bari

Lisa said...

Kids? What is up!! I am glad you were nice;) lol
I love the pin keep! I never got a Blueberry one :( But maybe someday when I have money again , oh to dream...
Hope your sweet daughter has forgiven you!

Anonymous said...

I finished my "Pumpkin Jack" penny rug. I just love it. He is sooooo cute. My quilting group got tog. for an ice cream social today. O'course I had to share my penny rugs with them. I'm just finishing up on "Let It Snow". Its been rather muggy, but I wanted to get them done. Then I will start making gifts more for gifts. I have found some beautiful wools at the Salvation Army Store and Goodwill. Along with wool pieces at a fabric store. Yikes, wool goes for $15 a yd. up here. I will be checking out those thirft stores more often. I hated cutting up some beautiful skirts. But, it is the cheaper way to go looking for wool. Thank you so much for creating these adorable rugs.

Alicia said...

it's Gorgeous!