Monday, August 23, 2010

The Men and Their Toys

So hubby was on vacation last week.  He started back to work today so my daily routines will go back to normal now. 

When he’s home, I spend much less time stitching and at the computer but we get a lot done around the house.

At my suggestions a while ago, he decided to buy a power washer.

We really do have a lot of things to use it on so he went online to find the best prices to go along with the best reviews.

He decided on the one that he wanted but …

Naturally it was the most expensive one.

So he decided that he really didn’t need a power washer after all because once he saw the best, there was no settling for the lower rated ones.  He told me that he would just borrow the neighbors to get the job done.

But then …

Saturday morning, he woke up and told me that we’re going to Home Depot to buy his power washer.


This is what he brought home.  Notice how well it blends with my marigolds!

Gosh, it was like Christmas.  The man was so excited to play with this. He even called up a couple of his friends and invited them to come over to see it.

And they came!

Men watching other men using power tools must be something that only men will understand.

So the guys stood around and admired it for a while and exchanged stories and ideas and tips about the hows and wheres to use it along with the “whats” to use it on.  They talked about the different soap solutions to use for extra cleaning powers. They admired it’s spraying capabilities and compared their own power washer PSI’s to hubby’s PSI’s.

I offered up the beers and then went inside to do some stitching.  I’d been around testosterone for long enough, I needed a break.

Maybe this is the secret to a good marriage. 

Allow your hubby to purchase an expensive, gasoline powered power tool/equipment every once in while.  It keeps him happy and content.

I always joked about his mid-life crisis when he was in his 40s’.  Some men get little sports cars in their mid-life crisis.  Hubby bought himself a wood chipper.  And he was happy.

The new power washer will be stored right with the wood chipper, the air compressor, the leaf blower, the chain saw, the WeedWacker, and the Bobcat.  

He’s wants a generator next … “in case our power goes out”, he says.  We have well water here so if the power goes out, we have no running water and I admit it is pretty inconvenient.  But in all the years that we’ve lived here, our power has never been out for more than half a day or so.

I told him that if our power goes out for so long that we’d need a generator to live here, I’m going to a hotel. 

I’m pretty sure though that in a few years, I’m going to be showing a picture of his new generator in my blog.


In stitching news, tomorrow I’m hoping to show a brand new pattern. :)

Happy Day everyone!


Tanya said...

Cute story about the men and their 'tools'! and they also don't think they talk as much as the women do~ HA!

Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is too funny about guys..but ooooh sooo true...we have a generator as ours goes out for up to 5 days...and let me tell you it gets old real quick..its too dang quiet;) have a great day.;)

Sandi said...

This could have been written by me. My husband is looking a getting a chipper/shredder and then there's a generator on his list. I've never heard him mention a power washer and I don't think I'll give him any ideas. LOL! That is, unless, I want something like a new sewing machine and we could both come home with new toys just like it was Christmas!

Alicia said...

I love how you've described the male thing. My DH only gets excited over new Tractors! I agree with your hubby- get the generator. SMart electric meters and outlets are coming (if we cant stop it) and you could really NEED that generator.