Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Design! New Pattern! Friendly “Jacks and Cats” !

This is my newest design called “Jacks and Cats”


This one is a smaller size measuring 12 1/2” across but it still has plenty of space in the center for a large candle, vase or bowl of candy.

Quite often I have emails from readers who either request or suggest different ideas for designs.

One request that has come up quite a few times is to make a “friendly” Halloween candle mat…one with friendly faces instead of those scary big tooth primitive pumpkins and cats.

You know the ones, don’t you?

!Bult0H!EWk~$(KGrHqN,!iMEv1 z1J3HBM!-wE1)-w~~_3

Now these are really cute … (this is a picture taken from Google images) and I’ve nothing against the cute, scary faces, but as some have suggested to me, we need some normal looking faces!

100_4375 This design is great for the beginner stitchers too because it’s pretty easy to make and just uses basic stitches and not a lot of detailed embroidery work.

The cat’s eyes are what I like most about this. The shiny white buttons make the eyes glow. I remember my husband used to have laying around here an old stuffed cat that he played with when he was little. It had button eyes and a friendly face just like this.

I need to look for that cat just to see how close this face comes to my memory of it.

I did my best to keep this candle mat simple and resisted the urge to add details.

I’ll have the pattern for sale starting today at the special presale price of $8.00 which includes shipping. (this price is for everyone, even my international customers!)

If you wish to pay by check instead of Paypal, just email me and I’ll send you the mailing info. cathspennies@gmail.com

Wool kits are available for this too. $32.00 which includes all 100% wool, including the backing, the pattern and shipping cost (for US customers only, international customers will pay a small additional shipping charge) Email me if you're interested in purchasing the kit.

The pattern is being printed today so I hope to have orders filled and mailed out tomorrow, if all goes well with the printing.



SUE said...

Very sweet - even your "simple" designs are brilliant. Loved the visit! SUE

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very cute Cathy!

Bari Jo said...

Oh I love the sweet faces!!! Very fall friendly! :O) Your designs are all so wonderful - love them! Bari

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Just as cute as can be and love the simplicity of this one!

Gert said...

How darling!! Love the cat eyes also!

xoxo Gert

Lois said...

Love the new mat. Simple can be cute!!! I hate those big tooth grins!!! haha Did you consider the idea I gave you in my last e-mail????

Lois L.

Barb said...

I love this candle mat! Love the cute faces--much better than the scary ones! This one may be a bit eaier for me to begin with! I have to get something ordered!

Patti said...

I love, love, love this candle mat!! great job!!

Janine said...

Love this one!!!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Cath! This is fantastic! I would love to purchase. Please let me know how. Thanks! Cat Tales