Monday, March 28, 2011

#1 Reason Why We Need To Get A Flu Shot Every Year!


Well, naturally, the reason would be:


You’d think that I’d take that little tidbit of important information, store it in my brain and keep it there to remind  nag me to get the shot.

Well, I didn’t get the shot this year.  I really regret it now because guess what!?!

Yip, I got the flu!   Or should I say, the flu got ME.  Glory be in heaven, did it ever get me and after almost a week, it’s still gripping on tightly.

Yes, I am feeling a lot better than I was last Wednesday and Thursday, thankfully, but sheesh, it’s probably the worst hit I’ve had of it, ever.

Or maybe because at 54, I can’t fight it off like I used to, which is even more of a reason why I need to be sure to get a shot every year.

CIMG0167 So, I’m sure all of us, when we get sick, raid the medicine cabinet for things to help us get through it all.  These are some things that I found to help me … although I just started with the Vitamins and Echinacea. (thank you Jen for the suggestions on that)

Let me tell you, as helpful as some of these products might be, I have some serious complaints.

CIMG0169 When you’re sick and barely able to get up out of bed, you don’t want to have to fight with a packet that has a death grip on the pills you want to take. 

These little Nyquil capsules gaze at you so prettily from their plastic. 

But no matter what curse words you might use along with the ripping and pulling, you can’t get these capsules to be released without a battle.

Inevitably, you think you’ve won the battle only to have one capsule  land on the floor between your toes while the other capsule remains tightly embedded, blatantly inviting you to a rematch.

We should not have to go through such stress just to take medicine.

My other complaint:

I want to take some of this liquid stuff to help my cough.  Let’s look for the dosage

CIMG0171 Ok, this print is really small and our magnifying glass is somewhere, 2 sets of steps down, in the basement.  I can skim through this just enough to find out that …

Crap, all these little tiny letters and there’s no dosage directions on this label.

Turn the bottle to the next side ….

CIMG0172 Skim through even more tiny letters and finally, in tiny letters, I see that my dosage should be 30 ML (2 TBSP).  Good!

So now, my eyes have adjusted to my surroundings and I go to pour the liquid into the convenient little cup they’ve provided, only to see, or rather NOT SEE ….

CIMG0173 …Where the 30 ML measurement marking is on the little cup.  There are little indents … maybe if I could read Braille, I would instantly know how much to pour, but I don’t know Braille.

So much work, so much aggravation to go through, just to get 2 stinkin’ tablespoons of medicine. 

Until just now, in the daylight, with me feeling a little better, do I see that 30 ML marking on the cup. 

Want to know what I did before though?  Now, I don’t recommend that everyone do this because overdosing on any medicine can not be a good thing, but I filled the darned cup all the way to the top and drank it down.  My fevered brain rationally decided that if they gave me a little cup this big, it was meant to be filled to the top.

Two very good things have come out of my flu illness! 

First thing is, of course, I’ve lost a lot of weight!  YEA!

The second, really good thing is that my knee has no more pain!

I twisted my knee a few months back, whoa… it was actually back in November .. and even though it was getting better, every once in a while, I’d do something to twist it again, only to aggravate it.  The pain was always there, warning me to be careful.  With all the rest I’ve taken, barely moving from my spot either in bed or on the couch, the pain is completely gone from the knee!!

See, there can be blessings with anything!

I am feeling much better now though, thankfully.  For those of you waiting for the wool packet prices and info  for “Violets in My Garden”, please give me a few days to get back into my routine.  I’ll have them available soon, I promise!


Happy Day everyone!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow - that sounds nasty Cathy. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

Sandi said...

Oh, feel better soon but keep resting til you do. The rest of the world will wait. I always enjoy reading your posts. :-)

BCHope said...

oh Cathy, so sorry you are so sick!!! I am a firm believer in flu shots. I don't dr. won't let me. I'm a cancer survivor and I'm on the clinic high risk...they call me. So next, when i get my call... you'll get emails till to tell us you got one too!!!!

Was going to let you know my Violets in my Garden pattern has arrived and it's amazing as always. I wish other designers would take half the care you do in your patterns!!! Thanks!!!

Get well fast!

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

OH Cath feel better. Having the flu is awful and we have missed you and your posts and creations!!

Shirley said...

Oh Cathy, I do hope you are feeling better. We get our flu shots every year because our doctor insist. He makes sure that we are up to date on the shots that we need. My family has had the bug that you are talking about and we stayed away because my hubby nor I need to be sick that way. I know about the fine print and the way they package meds. Isn't it a pain in the neck? I can remember being sick and taking a little more then I was suppose to of cough medicine. I just wanted to stop. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Cathy, Just thinking about you today and wondering where you were?
Hope your feeling better and back to your old self. I hear you about those pills. I usually take a pair of sisscors and ram it right in the middle and then TRY to peel back the paper!!!! It doesn't pay to get can't get the medication out to make you feel better!!!! lol
Take care

miek 2 said...

i`m as old (sorry young) as you, and your story remainds me when we where young and had to take cod liver oil in the months whit an r in it. (i hope i have the right name for it, otherwise its even more horrible than it allways tasted).
after dinner we had to take a spoon full of the stuff and no one could escape hahahaha.
but you are right, medicines are packed like if all the pills will run away if you only look at them.
hope your better soon, greetings

Sandy said...

Yuck, that sounds horrible. So glad you are feeling better. Yes, packaging is the pits....I always think about the poor people with arthritis also and trying to open those things.

MosaicMagpie said...

First, I am glad you are feeling better. I agree with you on the meds. I have arthritis and at times it is impossible for me to open those pill bottles. Once I smashed the bottle with a hammer to get at the pills!