Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow In March Is Just Not Right

So here it is, March 11th.  We wake up to snow on the ground.  And not just a little dusting of snow.  This is a LOT of snow … a good 4” right now with another 3” to come throughout the day today.
It’s just not right.
So I’m awake early this morning.  It’s but it’s not because of the snow. It’s because things were not ordinary in our household.
You know how you get so used to the same routine day in and day out?  We'll today, for some odd reason, the routine was not there.
Hubby woke up at his regular, get up for work time of 5:15 am.
He got dressed and … wait … he ALWAYS gives me a kiss goodbye and lets me go back to sleep.  But he didn’t do that this time.  He forgot the kiss goodbye.
“What’s up with that?”  I think.  Then waking up slightly, I remembered that he told me last night that he didn’t have to be at work until 9am today.
Ok, so now that is figured out, I nestle my head back into my soft feather pillow and proceed to fall back to sleep.
Wait!   Hmm… I hear someone in the bathroom, taking a shower.
“What’s up with that?”, I think. Waking up even more, I’m really puzzled because I know it’s not hubby taking a shower.  He doesn’t normally shower in the morning and besides, I heard him going downstairs and I’m smelling the coffee brewing.
It couldn’t be Rachel showering because at 5:30 am, it’s way too early for her to be up to get ready for work.  But it must be Rachel because there’s no one else living here that it could be!
By this time, I’m pretty much awake.  I roll myself outta bed, go downstairs to find hubby so that I could ask him why our daughter is up an hour earlier than her normal, routine time.
“I dunno why she’s up so early.” he says.
So I went back upstairs, opened the bathroom door slightly and here’s how the conversation went.
“good morning Rach”, I say
“good morning Mom!”, says Rach.
“did you know that it’s only 5:30?” I say.
“No it’s not.” says Rach, matter of factly.
“Yes, Rach. it’s 5:30.” I say
“No, it’s not” says Rach, matter of factly again, (because she knows that she’s never wrong)
“Rach, I just went down to ask daddy why you’re up so early and it is indeed only 5:30.” I say.
long pause “My alarm went off”  says Rach.
Well, apparently, her phone alarm sensed that daylight savings time starts this weekend and decided to spring ahead 24 hours ahead of time to get ready for it.
So here we are, all three of us, wide awake with a messed up daily routine.  I hope the day goes back to normal soon.

So I’m done with stitching up my newest design but I’m going to wait to show the finished results.  I want to make it up with a white background now too. 
Since I haven’t shown any pictures yet in this post, I’ll answer a question that I received from a reader.
She asked me which of my designs, out of all the penny rugs that I’ve made, is my favorite.
I didn’t even really have to think much about that.
By far, my favorite is “The Strawberry Patch”.
StrawberriesThe picture doesn’t even come close to showing just how gorgeous this really is.
My favorite holiday candle mat is still “Stockings of Joy”.
EBAYSTPIC And once again, the picture just doesn’t show how pretty this is when finished.  The pine branches, the hearts dangling from the stockings, the cute little gingerbread men … it’s just so incredibly nice. 
Of course, I have a favorite that I haven’t sold the pattern for:
Picture 146  I’ve been asked a ridiculous amount of times to make this into a pattern, but I haven’t yet.  The special dyeing that I do for those petals just can’t be done easily.  It takes a lot of time to dye each of those petals to get that look, so I keep this design as an original finished design pattern that is for sale only as a finished item.
I love those pansies!
Picture 125
Picture 151
It’s almost pansy making season, so these pictures are helping to get me in that mood, in spite of all the freshly fallen snow out there on the ground.

Happy Day everyone!


Karen said...

Today seems to be a day for breaking from the routine. My husband overslept, therefore running behind for work, we had the tsunami warning in santa cruz, ca., We live 1.25 miles from the beach so miss priss (kitty) and I drove to higher ground for a couple of hours. The poor boats in the marina suffered. visit they captured the boats crashing & sinking.

Violet said...

You have SO many beautiful patterns! I'm lovin' the strawberry penny rug! ~Violet~

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Cathy,
Sorry to hear about all that snow you got. We just got a dusting and nothing till it was time to go to the bus stop!!! Don't ya just hate it when things get messed up????
Don't know if I could pick a favorite of your mats....I love them all!!!!

Shirley said...

I know we want the snow to be over, but they have us in a winter storm watch until 10 A.M. tomorrow. I love your patterns and I don't know which one I like the best. We just have had some weird weather that is for sure. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm just now catching up on your blogs. It's been a crazy week....why oh why do I have to work??? Oh, yeah to keep a roof over my head.

These are also some of my favoriate penny rugs. I love looking through your stash on the wall rack.

Isn't it great when you can gloat and tell your daughter she's wrong. Every once in a while I get Stephanie....but the more senile I get the smarter she seems to be getting.

We have some damaged thin you want some so you can make a thin mint cheesecake? I'll see if I can drop some do si do boxes so you can make another peanut butter one. It was so good last year at Easter.

casserole carol