Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Pattern!

About 15 years ago, I remember walking into my local quilt shop, with quilt pattern in hand, and asking the owner for the exact fabric colors that were called for in the pattern.

Maxine, the owner told me that sure, she could show me the exact colors to use, but she suggested that I think outside the box pattern.

She explained that so many ladies want to make something exactly like the pattern picture shows but they could so easily make it look completely different if only they would choose the fabrics they really loved instead.

She offered to help me select colors using the fabric colors that I really loved in her shop.  And I learned then to think outside of the pattern.

And this is why I always encourage customers to visit their local quilt shops.  Each time I visited that store, I learned something new.  They are there to help you become a better stitcher/sewer.  You might pay a little less at your local Joann fabrics, but you will never get the service or the lessons like you do at your quilt shop. 

So anyway…. haha  … I was messing around with my pattern pictures, resizing and touching up, when I discovered a feature in my photo program called “metallic gold”. 

Here’s what it did to my “Apple Blossoms” candle mat picture:

AppleBlossoms gold

What pretty Fall colors!


So what used to be a Spring/Summer candle mat:

AppleBlossoms 600

Can be made into a pretty candle mat for Fall, just by changing the colors! 

So take a look at your patterns again and try to imagine what it might look like if you changed up the colors a bit!


And speaking of Fall.  Rachel bought some deeelishous pumpkin cookies from the grocery store bakery.  They were puffy and cake-like with a thin frosting on top.  If anyone has a good pumpkin cookie recipe, please send it my way.  I’ve found it to be so much better to use recipes that other people recommend rather than opening a cookbook.


Happy Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

i want that recipe once you get it!

What lovely fall colors...Do you think I can get a gold button too? Just think I could jazz up my dull white car with some gold accents...and the bathroom thron could be so much richer looking.
Casserol Carol

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Love it! It's stunning!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Sorry, Don't have a pumpkin cookie recipe!!!! I just make pumpkin pie. Although, I did make a cake last week that was pretty good using pumpkin!!!! Did you make all those zucchini recipes I gave you????
Love that gold thingie in your photo shop!!!! Really gives it a new look. Love it!!!!


Sandi said...

I have a good pumpkin recipe that I made last year but I just sort of tossed in a little of this and a little of that. I will make them again and write it down next time, then send it your way. :-) That metallic gold thing is really cool. And yes, thinking outside the Pattern is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I really, *really* like it in the fall colors! My friend is Miss Matchy, and I'm all about doing my own thing. LOL We make an interesting combination.

suz said...

Wow! I love the difference. I often make a pattern following the colors on the pattern. It helps to decide whether I bought the pattern for the pattern design or for the colors. If it ends up it was for the design, I'll remake the pattern and gift the original.