Monday, November 14, 2011

New Design … With The Help Of A Friend!

I always have ideas for designs in my head.  Only a few of them make it onto paper though.  The rest of the ideas are either stored away, deep in the file cabinet of my brain or just forgotten. 
When I do draw out the design in my head onto paper, sometimes it flows  easily and quickly onto paper.  Other times though, it’s a battle between my brain and my fingers.

My fingers sometimes just can’t draw what my brain wants them to draw and it turns into frustrations.  
This is what was going on with me one day a few weeks ago.  My brain and fingers were having a battle. 
I had a Valentine design in my head with cute bumble bees and hearts.  I just couldn’t draw the bee’s legs to dangle over the edge of the heart the way my brain wanted it to look.  My eraser was smoking hot from all the work it was doing and I was in complete frustration. 

In between my battle and eraser smoking, I was exchanging emails with a customer.  This customer was making me chuckle because she seemed to be having a battle of her own …only it was with her computer and trying to figure out how to correct a problem with her order. 

We finally got it worked out and she was a sweetheart during the entire time.  In and out went our emails and I noticed at one point that her email name was “TwoOldeCrowz”.

Now, I have a thing for crows, you should all know.  I’ve said many times in my blog that I really dislike crows.  They’re obnoxious and loud and they wake me up in the morning with their caws.

But yet, I did a crow design a few months ago which sold pretty well and then I did a turkey design which is …at least in my design head … a relative of my crow …

So anyway, to make a loooong story short, Dawn of the twooldecrowz, gave me the inspiration to scrap that bumble bee idea and to stick with crows.
CIMG0734 So here is the birth of my bumble bee Valentine 2 Olde Crowz.
I don’t know about you but two olde crowz makes me think of a sweet elderly couple that have been happily married for 50 years.  The gentleman has his spectacles  and the lady has on her special Sunday hat.
This is what my bumble bee candle mat turned into ….
And this is the entire candle mat finished …..
CIMG0735  “2 Olde Crowz”
This new design pattern should be ready to sell on Wednesday so stop back then if you like it.  I’ll have it at a very special price just for my blog readers.  I know it’s early to think about Valentines Day, but c’mon, Christmas will be here and over before you know it and you’ll need to have something ready to work on when that time comes!

Dawn, thank you for helping me through my bumble bee turmoil.
Bless her heart for her sweet emails and her touching story that gives even more meaning to that two olde crowz name!

Happy Day everyone!


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Great story! :)

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Kathy, Wondering where you were and here you were brainstorming!!!!
Another cute candlemat!!!! And there's still hearts on it!!!! I think your destined to work with crows!!!!! hahaha