Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Candle Mat Giveaway Contest!

It was a busy day yesterday here at Cath's Pennies Designs.  I sent the newsletter out yesterday morning and the response to the giveaway contest was delightfully fun and unexpectedly grand.
I really should end the contest now, but I did promise to include the blog readers in on the contest chances.
If you didn't sign up for the newsletter, or DID sign up for the newsletter, but didn't receive it yesterday, scroll down and I'll address the newsletter issues later in this post.

Here's a picture of my "Summertime Violets" Candle Mat that I will be giving away to one lucky contest winner...
This finished candle mat measures about 14" across.  It's a one-of-a-kind, which means it's the only one that I will ever make in this color.
 I will  have my "Forget-Me-Nots" pattern ready to sell tomorrow. (Thursday, June 27).

To get a chance to win the pretty "Summertime Violets" candle mat, I'm going to make you do a little work!

Below, you'll see some pictures which are cropped from assorted pattern designs of mine.  You'll need to match these cropped pictures with the picture that it was taken from.
So take a look at the 12 pictures below, then go HERE to my website pattern page to try to match the picture to the design that it was taken from. Make sure to look through all 4 pages of patterns on the website. I now have a total of 48 different patterns so it's going to take some time to find the match.


Once you've gathered all of your answers, EMAIL them to me at

Don't put your answers in the comment section!  
Contest is over at 10pm Eastern Standard Time, Sunday, June 30.

At that time, all winning entry names will be put into a hat and the luck winner will be drawn by my dear husband. Winners will be announced here and also on my website.

Have fun and don't be like my sister and call me up on the phone to whine about how difficult it is!  
In other words, don't make yourself CRAZY trying to figure it out!

Newsletter Info

If you know you've signed up for the newsletter but didn't receive it in your email yesterday, please sign up again.  I've changed the sign-up system now to avoid misspelled email addresses.
Once you've signed up, the system will send you an email which you'll need to confirm that it is indeed your email.
I've had a record number of email bounces yesterday (over 40) due to bad addresses.

Happy Day Everyone!
EDIT: LADIES!  Please remember to email your contest answers to the correct address:

If it's mailed to my other email address, I have to manually forward it to the correct one.  That takes time AND I might miss your entry because I don't check that address as much.  


~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~ said...

What a fun game!
Thanks Cath!

Sharon said...

Hey Cath I will resign up because I usually get your newsletter but not yesterday.....great design..