Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trick? Or Treat? <-----New Pattern!

I designed this new Halloween candle mat just for my grandson ....

My grandson loves creepy bugs & snakes and he loves surprises.
He carries plastic bugs in his pants pocket and he loves to scare me by hiding them in different places around our house.  I've found a realistic rubber mouse in my fridge and a plastic spider under my wool project.  Last week during dinner, he tossed a handful of squiggy snakes onto the dinner table!

 This candle mat is my way to squelch his desire to scare me!

The mouths in each of these scarey faces have openings so that 
creepy tricks or sweet treats can be hidden inside.  

It's fun to watch his face as he slowly pushes his hand into a mouth, not knowing what's in there.

The price is $9.00 for the pattern which includes shipping for US & Canada customers.

The design measure 15" across and is shown made with 100% wool. To save on expense, any or all of the wool requirements can easily be substituted with woolfelt.

If you'd rather not pay with a credit card or Paypal, just email me at and I'll send you my mailing address.

Wool kits are also available for this candle mat.  The kit price includes the pattern and all of the wool needed to complete the candle mat.  There's lots of hand dyed wool in this one!

I have to say that this candle mat is the first one, EVER, that my daughter has claimed for herself. She has always appreciated the different candle mats and things that I've made, but it's just not her decorating style to have any in her own home.  This one will be the first!
After I finished making this candle mat, I called my grandson to ask if he would donate a few of his creepy crawly creatures to use for display.  He immediately gathered up all that he could find and brought a large bag full of them for me.  We had fun choosing which creepy creature to use.
 He is so so proud that some of his "tricks" are featured on the pattern front picture . 

My grandson is anxiously awaiting the cicada appearance this summer. I'm NOT looking forward to his cicada pranks that he will surely be playing on me!

Happy Day everyone!


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Cathy,
How cute is that!!!! How's your "summer" going??? Doesn't seem like June, with that cold blast we had a couple of weeks ago. And by this weekend, half the month will be over!!!!
Anything being said about coming to Thunder???

Take care\

Fiesta said...

This pattern is awesome. I love it!