Monday, June 17, 2013

My Newsletter Sign-up Time!

Hey y'all, if you haven't already signed up for my emailed newsletter, please do so now.  I'm planning to send out my summer special newsletter either next Monday or Tuesday.  I will be offering some wool stash specials and a contest to win something ... the giveaway is a surprise too.

The emailed newsletter will give readers a little head-start on the contest before it's announced in the blog and on my website.

If you can't remember if you've signed up already, go ahead and sign up again.  Also, if you know that you signed up but have never received a newsletter, sign up again, making sure that your email address is correct.  I get quite a few bounced back to me due to the wrong email address.

To sign up, simply type in your email address in the little box over there on the left sidebar...again, double check to make sure you typed your email address correctly, then click the button that says "sign up" and you're done! 

So, on to some pictures of my almost finished and redone wool room.
It's so organized in there now that I marvel every time I walk in the room to pack up an order.
^^This is looking into the room from the hallway door.  ^^
The cupboard is perfect for storing my bolts of wool. The cupboard shelves hold my yardage wools which are felted and ready to go.  I have the bolts of felted wool on the table shelf (I will be painting that red table soon) in the corner too.
 I sorted all of my wool colors and now store the colors in plastic bins on this shelving unit.
To the left of this shelf is a nice big closet which stores all my mailing and packing supplies. It also stores all of the packaged pattern wool kits. 
 A nice big table for measuring & cutting wool orders.  My old sewing machine cabinet is right under the window. I have an old quilt on it so that the kitties can lay and look out the window in comfort without scratching the pretty wood cabinet.  The kitties love this window and I do believe that they have claimed this room as their own.  It's great that I have no wool exposed now for them to lay on or to play with.  That really reduces the time that I spend with the lint roller on wool.

The large bin under the table holds the pattern kit wools.  Each pattern has it's own ziplock bag which contains the wools that I use to pack kits.  I keep an inventory list now so that I know exactly which colors are running low.  My dye days are much more organized now that I know what colors I will be needing to dye.
 Another big table which I can use for cutting wool and for my computer station.
Best of all, I now have room to keep the ironing board up.  It's so handy having it here in the room.
I have wall book shelves that I will be hanging on this bare wall. Hubby will probably do that for me  this week.
 I've stacked two old chest of drawers.  I have all of my cotton fabrics in the black chest and I have more wool stored in the white chest.  I plan to paint both chest this summer a soft yellow with creamy white accents.  It will due for now the way it is but seeing this picture is a good motivation to get it done soon! 
 I still have some wall shelves to install and other things to hang on the wall, but I want to keep it simple so that it doesn't become too cluttered.  It's only a 11' x 12' space so I'm going to do my best to keep it cleaned and organized just as it is now.

That's all for now!  Some of you ladies will be happy to know that I'm working on another flower design. I get so many requests for flowers, I have trouble keeping up!
 This new one is really simple and pretty with a light yellow background,(like my wool room walls) and purple flower colors.  I might change it to blues instead though ...whichever it is, it should be done and ready by next week.

Happy Day everyone!

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