Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Lilacs!

Good morning!  Thursday, March 10, 2016
Shown below is my "Lilac Beauty" design done with a black background.  The wonderful lady who packs my kits for me will be working tomorrow, so expect to see more wool kits on Saturday for both the white background "Lilac Beauty" candle mat and the black background option.

I stitched both the black background and the white background and just couldn't decide which to show on the pattern front.  I loved how they both looked.  I finally decided to print the pattern with the white background and only because the "Geranium Beauty" design (which is similar) was done with the black background.  It was either that or doing eeny meeny miny moe.
The pattern and the wool kit can be purchased from my website by CLICKING HERE

Want a weekend project?
Make a traditional penny rug!

No, this isn't available as a  pattern but only because it doesn't need a pattern to make it!
I cut the pennies all by hand, but a die cutter like Accuquilt can do that job for you too.
Any graduating sizes can be used but for mine:  The large pennies are about 1 1/2".  Medium pennies are 1" and the small pennies are about 3/4".
I traced the circles onto freezer paper then ironed the freezer paper onto my wool.  Then started cutting.
I always do my cutting while watching the Penguins hockey game.  So, this past Saturday, I cut the large and medium pennies and started stitching.  
Then Sunday, when they played again, I cut the small pennies and finished stitching the rest of them later that night while watching Downton Abbey. (stitching while watching tv keeps me awake!) Once they're all stitched, simply string them together.  I string them by rows.  Then I string the rows together.  
I used my pastel wool and the natural white Dorr wool for this one, but any colors you might have will look wonderful.
This penny rug was made just for me.  I have a really cute vintage pastel Easter basket that will look really nice with it.  
Give it a try!  
I have hand-dyed pastel wool and the felted natural white wool available on my website CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading!
Blessings and Happy Day!