Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Power Of Prayer Needed

My very good internet friend and customer is having heart surgery this morning.  Kelly has been a constant source of goodness for me over the years.  Her first email to me was a request to design something with a scarecrow.
I did.  Our friendship grew from there.  It's her positive spirit that is inspiring and oh so contagious.
So, if you believe in the power of prayer, please say one right now for Kelly and her beautiful family.

I do believe in the power of prayer.
When I was little, our family would go on summer camping trips. We'd often camp alongside groups of family friends.  Some really good memories I have of our vacations at the beach with family and friends.
So, the one summer, the weather was beautiful with no rain and lots of sunshine.  Now, sunshine is great for vacations, especially when camping.  But the long drought we were having during that time, was causing much distress too.
With so many people talking about the drought, that night, during my nightly prayers, I prayed for rain.  I didn't just ask God for rain, I pretty much begged God for rain.
That next day, it rained.
The day after that....
it rained.
It continued to rain, HARD.  Our tent trailer had to be moved to a higher location.  Our friends had to move their tents to a different location.
Everyone started complaining about the rain and I felt so guilty.  I was convinced that my prayers had caused the rain.  I must remind you, I was young...about 8 or 9 years old?
I felt so guilty, that I finally confessed to the group that it was my fault that it was raining so much.  They all had a good laugh,  I know now that they were laughing because it was pretty cute that I really believed that I caused the rain.  Back then though, I thought they were just trying to make me feel better.
After that, I was really cautious about what I prayed for.  I made sure to emphasize to God exactly what was needed and gave him instructions for his limitations.   I  laugh as I type that, because eventually, I did figure it all out, thankfully.
But, I still try to say a prayer every night.  A pastor and friend of ours now, once told me that even if we are too tired to take the time to pray at night,  just fitting in a quick, "help me to be a better person tomorrow" is easy, fast and helpful.
That is always included in my nighttime prayers.  Although, there are times that I'm not a better person, there are definitely many times that I remember that prayer and I take the high road and do my very best to be a better person than I was yesterday.
That alone is how the power of prayer can help each of us every day. 

Goodness, that has really helped with the worry about Kelly's surgery today.
Kelly....when you read this, know that I think you're *almost* the best.  *wink* :)
Your faith and the goodness inside you will get you through this difficult time. 

God Bless and Happy Day everyone!

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