Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh noooo ... Frost warning tonight!

Ya know, we don't have a lot of free time around the Wagner home. There's always grass to cut, weeds to pull and doors to paint. So, when we take the time on a Saturday, in between raindrops, to plant flowers and tomato plants, we don't like it when we hear that mother nature is going to attempt to freeze and kill those poor little plants that struggle to survive in their newly planted homes.
Sheesh, it's the middle of May ... that's just not fair to give us frost on our plants.

So tonight, during Survivor commercials, I went outside to give my sweet little plants a blanket of protection with some old bedsheets. I brought in all my planters of impatiens and geraniums and petunias too. As long as it doesn't get windy and blow all the sheets off, they should be ok. Now the cherry tree ... I'm a bit worried about that.

I've finished up the pansy candle mat, finally. It's been tough trying to get sewing done while watching our grandson, so I'm really behind. I listed it on Ebay tonight.
I know Ebay has it's flaws but I've just the best customers anyone could ever hope for on Ebay. I've never once had any kind of problem with a single one of my buyers. (knock on wood)

I get kind messages quite often from people that just want to let me know that they really like a particular item. I am so touched that people will take that few minutes to send kind words and it just makes my day.

I have sent messages to sellers on occasion to let them know that I love their item or just to congratulate them on a really successful sale. I'm going to try to do it more often now though. I've been blessed with some pretty good sales but I've seen some sellers of beautiful handmade items sell for what could be slave wages. With the economy the way it is, sales have been slow and sometimes it does get discouraging. But just one kind message telling me that they love what I've done, just makes the discouragment completely disappear. I'm going to share that encouragement. During these tough times, kindness can make a big difference.
This is another set of pansy pincushions. I was going to list them but I ran out of time ... couldn't miss Survivor!
Tomorrow night, the Pittsburgh Penguins play the Hurricanes. Just to warn y'all ... the Pens will win. :)
Happy day everyone ... although it will be much happier if we don't have FROST in the morning!


Tolentreasures said...

Love your pincushions, they are so nice! I have flowers sitting all over my living room and family room, luckily I had not put any in the ground was 22 degrees here this morning.
Go Pens!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Beautiful pansies...I put all the flowers that I bought over the weekend in the garage, almost forgot the Boston ferns Michele gave me for Mother's Day:)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How pretty are those!! I think you have good luck on Ebay because you are the kind person you are. Goodwill begets more goodwill. I like your idea of leaving commnets and I am going to so that to. I know how hard artists work and just because I don't buy something doesn't mean I don't admire the talent and hard work. Great idea!

Lisa said...

Love the goodies! I was dreding the Canes playing the Pens! I'm not so sure you are right the Canes are on a roll. It will be good hockey at the least!
Hope were still friends when this is over!(hehehe)

Colleen said...

Your mats and pincushions are so gorgeous!

We got some frost here last night but it didn't hurt any of our plants or flowers. We are about 90 miles north of you.