Friday, May 1, 2009

Unpacking, But Where?

I finished up the violet candle mat last night so all it needs is a light steam pressing, some de-linting with a lint roller and it's ready to mail out to its' new owner.

I have enough purple dyed wool to make one more candle mat, so if anyone is interested in buying one, please let me know. It measures about 10 1/2" across and I sell these for $50 including shipping costs.

Rachel is home!!
She was able to tightly cram the rest of her things into her car and got home around 6pm.
Thankfully, I thought to buy her some of those as-seen-on-tv storage bags that flatten things like pancakes after a vacuum sucks all the air out. Unfortunately, I bought a cheaper and probably thinner plastic CVS brand instead of the more expensive real ones so one acquired a puncture right away. I don't know if the more expensive advertised ones would hold up better, but they are so nice to have that I think for her next semester move, I'll spend the extra $ to get the real ones instead of generic ones.

I didn't expect her to have so much stuff and there's really no more space to put her things on the sunporch without some major moving/shifting of things already in there. So ... everything is on the living room floor for now. I guess she and I will work on that today.
It's rainy and dreary outside anyway, so a little inside cleaning certainly will be easier because of that!
Happy day everyone!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

You are so lucky your daughter is coming home for the summer! Enjoy.

Colleen said...

The candle mat is just beautiful! I'm sure your client will love it!

I bought the "original" Space Bags a while back but they weren't very good. The zip lock on one broke the first time we used it and another one split on a seam. No...I didn't have them jammed too full...LOL I don't think I'd buy them again.

Lisa said...

Oh no we want a picture! Have fun unpacking and finding places for all the stuff! I used to be so OCD about it I couldn't go to sleep the first night until it was all done!

Hugs, Lisa

PreciousDaughter said...

Uhhhh, yeah. How'd I know you'd make a smart remark?

Cath's Pennies Designs said...

Oh Rachel, let's start an online mother/daughter blogging battle, shall we? I'm teasing, of course. I respect your wishes and I've learned my lesson. You are very right and you've every right to make that request. I promise to not post pictures of you, or anyone, for that matter, without getting permission first. Love you dollface, (aka, Precious Daughter)

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