Monday, May 4, 2009

Red Geraniums!

Does anyone else have a camera that has PMS days? I swear my camera just doesn't feel like taking good pictures some days. Today, the camera doesn't want to get that green right on this picture ...
But anyway, here's the red geranium candle mat so far. I get myself into so much work sometimes because I was just going to put two geranium flowers on the mat, but then I thought it would probably look nicer to have three flowers. Now, I've lots more little flowers to cut out. I always intend to make an easy, simple design, but it ALWAYS grows into details details details. It's going to look nice though, so I will put up with calloused fingers just because it gives me satisfaction seeing the finished product.

So, last night, I had a big battle with Ebay. The strawberry candle mat that I had listed last week was ending last night. It had bids on it with lots of people "watching" it, so I knew that it would end at a pretty decent price. However, two hours before my auction ended, Ebay took it off, cancelled it, made it completely disappear, taking the bids and *Poof* it was gone.

The reason: They didn't like my wording. Two sentences apparently are against the law ....Ebay Law, that is ... "Ebay is forcing me to accept only Paypal payments. If you have a problem with that, please let me know."

I was told that I'm not allowed to discourage customers from paying with Paypal, therefore they removed my listing.

Oh well, ya can't fight their laws so I have to obey. But, for those future customers that don't know, I will accept money orders or personal checks. I had a few customers tell me that they've had issues with Paypal doing naughty things with their money so they only use it if they have to. Do I tell these customers, "sorry, I can't take your money"? No, I will not turn paying customers away from a sale.

*heavy sigh*

So, I've had to relist the auction and it's a shame.
I'm not going to dwell though. Last night, I was furious that they did that to me, but now, it's like my husband said....Ebay is allowed to make whatever rules they wish and I have a choice of either not selling or obeying the rules.
I shall obey the rules.

To my customers who had bids on that auction, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you'll try again on the relisted auction.

Happy day everyone! Our grandson is visiting with me for the day, so it's more likely that I will be playing today instead of sewing!


Char said...

Let me just voice my opinion please.....I HATE EBAY!...there I said it...and I am stiching too it!...hehehehehehe

I love all your candle mats and creations!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

More than likely someone reported you. Competitor? You can sell right here on this blog or set up a selling blog for free! I'm shutting my eBay trim site totally down this week. I had some on, but the expense is more than the return at this point. I agree with Char. Although, I do sell household items (collectibles of mine) on another id. I just don't care what happens there. Now my business, that is something else.

I can't wait to see this one completed.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I hate ebay's rule of paying with paypal only. My daughter is a bank manager so I haven't been in a bank for years.LOL I just liked to pay with a MO...sometimes I would forget to give her the money to deposit so I always felt I could do a MO. Now I don't hardly bid unless I have a ebay gift card:) Which is about 3 times a year:)

Love the geraniums, one of my favorite flowers,

theolde stone house said...

I also have to say I hate Ebay. I try to pay with cash only and prefer to send a check or money order whenever possible. I have been told that if a client asks you can accept another form of payment but cannot advertise you do so. Their fees got too high for me. Plus they own Pay pal too so of course they want tyou to use it exclusively. That keeps the money all in their pot. I don't do business there unless I have too. I much prefer to order directly from the seller so they don't lose money to Ebay and Pay pal.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Colleen said...

I use to shop Ebay a lot but had a bad experience with a seller so I am VERY selective. I find that it is so easy to get into a bidding "war" over something and find out later that you could have bought it cheaper somewhere else like Overstock, where shipping is only $2.95! I also like to go directly to the seller's site and see if it is available there instead of going thru Ebay.

Love the geraniums! Your "details" are what make your pieces so beautiful!

Lisa said...

I agree why don't you just list your stuff on your blog. I've bought from blogs and etsy is fun too. Not sure about all it's rules but I've found a few really great people on it! To me it's easier than ebay ALTHOUGH it only has handmade and vintage. I do occasionally buy other items on ebay. But my pocketbook is tellin gme to STOP! hehehe SO let me know (or I'll just email you and find out what I can get like usual!) wink wink!
Hugs, Lisa

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Since everyone was so helpful in my tassel giveaway, I am offering a 50% discount on tassels to anyone that left a comment for me on tassels. You may want to wait until I get more listed, or not. Choices are on my website. Just email me the ones you want when you make a choice. Website and email links are on my blog. Thanks so much for participating.