Monday, May 11, 2009

Pansy Petals!

No, those aren't potato chips on that cookie sheet. Those are my wool pansy petals. I dip each petal in purple dye and then let them lay on foil until they dry. This is the start of yet another Pansy Candle mat ... like the one that is shown in my profile picture. The petals always look almost ugly when laying out like this but once they are sewn together, it's just like magic ...they become really pretty flowers. That's probably why I like making these so much ... it's always so rewarding to watch them turn into lovely pansies right before my eyes.
I've not had much time lately to blog. Partly because it's spring and there's so much to do with gardening and spring cleaning but it's also because I've been watching our grandson quite a bit lately because of his dad's job schedule change. This week, I'll get to watch him a lot too, so the blog gets little attention during that time.
He has his favorite things he likes to do at his mommy's grandma's house.
We spent most of this morning doing one of two things: In the kitchen playing with a spinning top toy that I bought at the dollar store or .....

In the living room, playing with buttons! Now, I know what you're thinking...little ones should not be playing with buttons. Little ones can easily EAT buttons and CHOKE! I know, I know, but I watch him every second that he's playing with them. He loves those buttons! He's very careful with them and for a kid who virtually never sits still, this keeps his attention for a good 15-20 minutes at a time.

He loves to put the buttons in different containers and spends most of the time trasferring them from one container to another.
After he tired of the buttons, we'd put them away and go back into the kitchen to play with the tops. Back and forth we went between the two things all morning, until Rachel woke up. Then the fun really began. Oh how he loves his aunt Rachel.
Ok, I'm off to make some pansies while watching the Pens, hopefully win and finish off the Washington Caps tonight in game 6.
Oh yes, mustn't forget : I've Ebay listed the geranium candle mat and a matching pin cushion. HERE
I'm going to list another Strawberry pincushion tonight too. They seem to be really popular and this one was actually ordered by a customer's son and daughter as a gift to their mother, but I never heard back from them after they ordered it and I don't know how to contact them directly ...SO, Nikki, if you happen to read this, I'd love to sell this to you, just email me!
Happy day everyone and GO PENS!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Yeah, Pens!!!

Chris is at the game tonight sitting in section D:)

Michael was at the last one...he lives in Anapolis, he told me things got really ugly after the Pens scored the winning point:)

Love your work, they always turn out so pretty!

Lisa said...

Cool Petals! Love the button sorting!
Hugs, Lisa