Monday, June 1, 2009

Up early and outta coffee

Good grief, I woke up at 5:30 this morning and then just couldn't get back to sleep. I forgot to buy coffee yesterday, so now it's decaf or nothing ... I'm thinking I should go up to the little corner store and buy a brewed cup just to get me going until I make it to the store....I'm really dragging without my morning cup.
Buying coffee is something new for me. You see, I haven't really had to buy coffee for almost 8 years now because my darling daughter, Jen, worked at Starbucks for that many years.
Starbucks gives their employees 1 lb of coffee or the equivalent in tea, FREE, each week. Needless to say, when she started there, we had a surplus that I kept stored in the freezer, but now that she's married, I've had to share with her and her husband, Jason. That was still plenty of coffee for us so we spent almost 8 years, enjoying the best coffee everyday.
Jen just recently turned in her resignation. She's moved on to work in the field of her education degree, which is history and teaching. She just couldn't manage to squeeze enough time out of her schedule to continue working at Starbucks too, so she's had to quit.
Starbucks has been good to her. They've allowed her to work whenever she wanted, adjusting to her schedule throughout college. When she did an internship teaching job across the state in Philly, she was able to work at a Starbucks in the city there. Until recently, she's loved her job there and the benefits and perks were pretty good too. Recently though, the company has made some changes that Jen hasn't been exactly happy with and isn't in keeping with what she feels should be company standards.
But regardless, she left on good terms and she'll be able to pick up a Starbucks job anywhere in the country, if she ever needs to. Even though I selfishly wish she still worked there so that I can get the free coffee and 30% discounts off my frappuccinos when I visit her at work, I know that she's extremely happy with her teaching job and her new summer job that she's starting now.
But darn it! .... I have to BUY coffee!

This is a picture of some current things and future things that are/will be listed on Ebay.

Here's the fence progress! Jimmy got a lot done yesterday. He is putting each wooden slat on individually so that the fence line follows the slope of the hill. If we had purchased the already assembled fence sections, it wouldn't look as nice because it would have to be stepped.
When he's done with the fence, we'll rent a stump grinder to get rid of all those tree stumps. Then he's going to get his Bobcat running and get the ground a little more level so it won't jar me while cutting grass on the tractor.
After that's done, it will be my turn to work down there with plantings!
Off to get coffee!
happy day everyone!


Lisa said...

Beautiful stuff!! Glad the fence is comming along! SO sorry about the coffee!!
HUGS, Lisa

appleberrycottage said...

Your daughter found a job in teaching? That's a small miracle around here - the jobs are non existent in education. I don't drink coffee/tea, but am a Diet Coke drinker to get my caffeine! Can't wait to see more finishes.